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Prefabricated houses are among the most preferred housing structures in recent years. While prefabricated houses offer quick and simple solutions to natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods, they can also be preferred for different purposes such as temporary housing, social housing, refugee camp, if needed. Prefabricated houses, which have become popular in recent years with the innovations and developments in the construction industry, allow you to return to your home quickly and practically, have many advantages such as easy installation, affordable cost and modern design.

Prefabricated House Prices

Prefabricated houses produced in different sizes and designs with details shaped according to customer needs can be preferred as single storey or duplex. The interior designs of modern prefabricated houses, where you can choose different colors and models from exterior cladding to floor covering, can also be shaped according to the customer's request. Karmod, which has been producing high quality prefabricated houses since 1986, has carried out successful projects in more than 120 countries until today. Using state-of-the-art machinery in its production area of 28,000 meters, Karmod produces high quality, economical and durable products. We offer comfortable, ergonomic, modern one and two storey buildings with simplified assembly technology. Owning your dream house is now very easy with prefabricated building technology.

Properties of Prefab Houses

Prefabricated houses are modular structures produced under controlled conditions in factory conditions. Although its low cost and flexible structure are the most preferred reasons, it has many advantages compared to traditional structures. Prefabricated structures have been used for a long time in different industries for commercial purposes. Useful housing is needed for the accommodation of workers in construction site camps and similar worker camps. It is very difficult to construct a building with these characteristics with traditional methods. Labor, cost and logistics are the main factors that make it difficult to construct traditional buildings on construction sites. The emergence of modular prefabricated buildings has occurred as a result of the need for buildings that need to be provided practically and quickly, such as construction site camps. The ready transport of the building, which was built in another environment, not on the construction site, to the construction site has greatly reduced the construction period. In this way, there is no need for heavy construction machinery to enter the construction site and the pollution that will occur in the area will be prevented. Prefabricated buildings have started to be used in other industries over time, albeit for different purposes. Having a low-cost and durable building quickly provides efficiency for projects in almost every area. Waiting for the construction of a traditional-style building to start the project is not only costly, but also causes the project to be affected by variable economic conditions.

Prefabricated houses are products that are produced with modular building technology and respond to aesthetic needs. Production in the factory environment allows for a wide range of design models, and customized buildings are produced in addition to standard models. After the structures produced in the factory environment are moved easily and quickly, they are installed in the desired area. Prefabricated houses are built after being placed on a certain foundation in order to be durable and long-lasting. Structures produced in the factory can be moved to the desired location, but a prefabricated house built on a foundation cannot be moved to another location later on. It allows many different customizations within its durable and flexible structure. You can shape the design as you wish and furnish your home according to your own style. Since it requires very little labor during production and installation, the margin of error is very low. When you own a prefabricated house, the probability of you encountering surprises is very low. At the same time, the risk of work accidents is low, as it requires much less labor than traditional construction methods. Single and two storey houses prefabricated can also be produced with different technologies such as steel construction upon request. With its advanced insulation system, it is resistant to adverse weather conditions and is very easy to maintain.

Low Cost Prefabricated Houses

There are various benefits to public housing complexes nowadays. They not only provide a suitable living place for people of all economic levels, but they also provide residents a sense of belonging. Because they are practical and cost-effective, they are straightforward to execute. In order to address the increased demand for housing, many countries are developing public housing projects. Many social housing projects nowadays, on the other hand, have the primary purpose of being as practical and cost-effective as possible, which generates resident dissatisfaction because these sorts of housing units are less reliable and comfortable.

As a leading producer of general low-cost housing solutions, low-cost prefab house and different modular homes of all sizes, we offer the most practical and affordable social housing units available on the market today. Public housing, according to Karmod, should be more than merely efficient and low-cost. They should also give the people who live there a nice place to live. They should be current and long-lasting as well. We can provide you with the most current and high-quality social housing units that are not only appealing, but also dependable and long-lasting, all while maintaining the original goal of practicality and cost. There are multiple factors that reduce the prefabricated houses cost. The most important thing is undoubtedly that it is produced in a controlled manner under factory conditions. Factory production ensures to use the material with maximum efficiency and the margin of error is very low. In traditional construction methods, material wastage during application is a big problem. At the same time, labor costs are one of the disadvantages of traditional construction methods. Another factor that determines the cost of prefabricated houses is fast production and fast delivery. When you urgently need a prefabricated house, traditional methods do not meet your needs. Prefabricated houses are produced in a short time and delivered in a short time. It is also very easy to install and requires very little labor. Fast supply is one of the most important reasons why prefabricated houses meet the needs in daily life. In cases such as natural disasters and epidemics, buildings are urgently needed. Buildings, whether a hospital or a camp, are needed quickly and need to be customizable. Both comfortable, durable and low-cost houses are possible with prefabricated building technology. Please contact us for detailed information about prefabricated houses prices.

Single Storey Prefab Houses Prices

Many prefabricated houses can be produced according to their structure and design. It is divided into single-storey and two-storey prefabricated houses in the simplest way. There are also varieties such as steel construction houses according to the materials used. In design, prefabricated houses allow for wide customization. Our standard products are products that have proven their quality and have been used by our customers for many years. However, we also have personalized products according to needs. Prefabricated pool houses, prefabricated hobbit houses and prefabricated container houses models emerged as a response to modern needs.

These prefabricated eco houses, which are frequently preferred and provide maximum advantage with minimum cost, have options suitable for every budget. You can find prefabricated house prices suitable for your budget. Prefabricated house prices, which have many different alternatives, may differ according to the material used in construction, the number of floors and their design. Thanks to these prefabricated houses for sale, it is possible to have the prefabricated house you want. If you want to have a house with a modern design and solid construction at affordable prices, you can also choose these prefabricated eco houses.

All the materials of the prefabricated houses for sale are combined on the concrete floor of your land and the assembly is done professionally and in a very short time by the expert team. Then the assembly system of the house is made, and the assembly phase is completed. Since all these processes are carried out by a professional and fast team in less than a week, it provides great convenience to the homeowner in a much shorter time than the construction process of reinforced concrete buildings. Prefabricated houses with much shorter production stages compared to reinforced concrete houses; They are not much different from reinforced concrete houses in terms of their lifetime. The materials used in their production adapt to all kinds of climate and weather conditions. If you are looking for a prefabricated houses for sale or container for sale , please contact us

Two Storey Prefabricated House Prices

As Karmod, we give a premium to the long-term vitality and durability of a product. As a result, we use only the highest quality materials in the manufacture of our products and we carry out inspections by our expert teams at all stages. All of our prefab home options can withstand harsh weather conditions and adapt to rough terrain. They can also be used for a lifetime due to their excellent durability. They almost never deform and require very little maintenance. Owning your dream home is less costly thanks to Karmod modular and prefabricated houses. While they have not completely eradicated homelessness with many projects around the world, they have given many people a new and realistic perspective on home ownership. Thanks to the controlled production processes in the factory, prefabricated buildings have a long-lasting structure. Advanced technological processes enable the construction of light-weight but long-lasting structures. With Karmod guarantee, you may have buildings that are both durable and light and adaptable. Not only in prefabricated buildings, but in all of our buildings such as modular homes, we attach great importance to durability and adaptability. Prefabricated buildings eliminate the need to wait for the construction period, which might be months long owing to weather conditions and other factors. Prefabricated movable structures, on the other hand, provide convenience with their portable structures when you wish to move your building to another place. Thanks to their durable materials, they are very easy to maintain and are not affected by bad weather conditions. Prefabricated structures can be used for years without any maintenance. If you want to use prefabricated modular structures, you know no boundaries in terms of aesthetics. Our core products have stood the test of time and are used in a wide variety of projects around the world. But you can design the interior and exterior as you wish. Both sustainable and environmentally beneficial structures can be single-storey or double-storey. The construction process of our two-storey houses is almost the same as that of single-storey houses. After it is produced in the factory, it is transported to the construction site and installed here. It is built on the foundation to be durable, and the second floor is installed after the first floor.

Installation Of Prefabricated Houses

Prefabricated building technology, in its most basic form, is the transportation of a building to the desired location after it is produced under controlled conditions in the factory environment. Some products are manufactured and supplied fully assembled at the factory while others are transported to the construction site in modules and installed there such as modular cabins . The terms "modular" and "prefabricated" refer to two different manufacturing processes. However, since the production is now manufactured by combining both ways, it has started to be called with the same term over time. It is very easy to transport and install prefabricated structures to the construction site. Buildings made of steel and metal are also built to be more durable. Prefabricated structures are made of high-quality materials that can be used for a long time. It has proven to be earthquake resistant over time and has been used for many years in areas at risk of earthquakes. Steel and metal construction techniques have significantly increased the difference between traditional structures due to their greater durability. In the installation phase, the houses are first placed on a certain foundation. In this way, it is ensured that the houses are permanent and can be used for many years. Then the construction process begins according to the plan of the house. It is completed in a short time and delivered to you ready to use. Please contact us for more information about the installation phase.

Prefabricated Houses for Sale

Karmod modular prefabricated building modular construction process provides significant cost savings and produces buildings quickly in a relatively short time. Thanks to the controlled production conditions in the factory, prefabricated structures have a long-lasting structure. Advanced technological processes enable the construction of lightweight but long-lasting structures. With the Karmod guarantee, you can have buildings that are both durable, light and adaptable. Prefabricated structures eliminate the need to wait for months of construction time due to weather conditions and other factors. Compared to traditional methods, Karmod's regulated production environment and cost-effective construction procedures often result in significant cost reductions over conventional construction. Whether your priority is time, budget or quality, modular construction is a very efficient solution for providing adaptable, modern modular buildings. Our prefabricated modular buildings are a fast and quality option that can be used in almost any project. If you want to buy prefabricated houses with high quality, Karmod products are best choice for you. As Karmod, we provide prefabricated house services for projects and individuals all over the world. Regardless of your location, you can have a prefab house . We serve prefabricated houses florida and prefabricated houses texas and we provide both durable and comfortable buildings.

Prefabricated Houses Florida

If you are looking for prefabricated houses florida, Karmod will be the ideal solution for you. Compared with traditional methods, Karmod modular prefabricated building modular construction process provides significant cost savings and produces buildings quickly in a relatively short time. Karmod's regulated production environment and cost-effective construction procedures often result in significant cost reductions over conventional construction. Whether your priority is time, budget or quality, modular construction is a very efficient solution for providing adaptable, modern modular buildings. Our prefab houses are customized structures that can be built in almost any location. Prefab buildings are extremely durable and provide a great customer experience. Another advantage of prefabricated houses is that they have a low environmental impact during construction and installation. Modular buildings are beneficial to the environment and in this respect, they fall into the category of environmentally friendly architecture. It also requires a small amount of labor during installation. Occupational accidents are significantly reduced because it is safe and requires less labor. Prefabricated houses are the architecture of the future and there are many exemplary applications from camps to prefabricated cities. Karmod values our customers' ideas and cooperates with them at every stage of the process, from design to installation. Work with us and let's build the future together.