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Prefabricated Hotel and Tourism Facility Buildings

The easiest and most advantageous building model to complete hotel projects in a short time and put them into service is the prefabricated building system. Prefabricated hotel buildings can be installed and ready for use by producing in a time period expressed in days with the ease provided by the building system. If we exemplify the rapid installation of the building model, a team of four can complete a 100 m² building in three days. With its experience in the ready-made construction sector since 1986, Karmod has been carrying out tourism facility building projects in different building concepts such as prefabricated hotels in the long-lasting building class, as well as recreational facilities and holiday villages.

Karmod as disassembled with modern production weldless construction technology and bolted construction system is shipped to every point of the world together with Turkey and delivered ready for use by its own teams. With our technological, fast production, and installation advantages, you can realize your hotel projects with Karmod’s expertise and start turning your investments into profit immediately.

Experience the happiness of providing the best service to your customers for years with our long-lasting structures. Karmod structures also provide energy savings with their insulation superiority. Karmod buildings are energy-friendly with the advantages of the door and window insulation along with wall and roof insulation applications. With its easy air-conditioning feature in cold or hot weather, it provides a comfortable space for the guests with Turkey and Istanbul hotel projects, the tourism structures that Karmod manufactures and installs worldwide include prefabricated hotel buildings, accommodation facilities, prefabricated motels, prefabricated hostels, prefabricated resting facilities, thermal and spa condominiums, prefabricated holiday villages and towns.

Completed Prefabricated Hotel and Tourism Facility Buildings