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Karmod is proud to introduce its wide collection of modular kiosks suitable for anywhere and for any purpose. It is no coincidence that you come across Karmod kiosks while wandering the streets of Istanbul, London, Abuja, Riyadh, Kuwait, Doha, Paris and dozens of other cities around the world. Modular kiosks are produced with modern technology and advanced control mechanisms. The material used is very durable and every stage of production is supervised by our expert teams. Polyurethane foam is injected into the wall and roof panels for maximum insulation. While thermal insulation provides ease of use, it also increases its sustainability. The demountable structure makes it easy to move the kiosks to the desired location. Its portability is not just a convenience feature during delivery. When you receive the product, you can change its location or customize it according to your own wishes.

With its superior features, detailed solutions, economical prices and high quality, Karmod is preferred in many areas to be used as modular kiosks, ticket offices, site offices, security kiosks, parking booths, catering kiosks, information points, checkpoints, toll booths. Coffee kiosk, food kiosk, site offices, market unit kiosks, portable toilet kiosks and shower cabins and many more are available in our wide product catalog.  We are the leading producer of prefabricated buildings such as affordable housingmobile homes and mobile toilets. You can find the modular kiosk solution you need for every location and project at Karmod. Please contact us for more information or to get a quote for your next portable modular Kiosks.

The World's Leading Manufacturer of Modular Retail Kiosks

We are the leading fiberglass cabin and retail kiosk manufacturer in Turkey and Europe. Founded in 1986, Karmod offers exclusive kiosks designed and manufactured according to the special needs of its customers. The modular units are portable and fully customizable, making them ideal for any purpose, anywhere. Tell us the product you need, and we will produce a suitable solution for you. Robust, safe and versatile, our fiberglass cabinets offer flexible modular space solutions where each unit is branded and customized to precisely fit any requirement. Wherever your location is, prefabricated kiosks are easily transported and delivered ready to use. Our standard products are planned to meet the needs of our customers. But if you need a personalized kiosk, contact us and we'll create the right solution for you. Our products are resistant to adverse weather conditions and provide a long-lasting user experience. Although it is usually used for temporary purposes, you can use it for a long time without changing its position or moving it to another location.


Kiosk Manufacturer - Customized Solution

Karmod prefabricated technology designs and manufactures modular portable cabins suitable for applications in many areas such as security booths, ticket offices, offices, retail and coffee kiosks and parking lots. Our booths and kiosks are also widely preferred in customized areas such as ticket office, prefabricated kiosk, food kiosk and security kiosk. With their flexible functionality and superior branding options, the appearance and content of our kiosks can be changed according to your wishes. Its content is very comfortable and space efficiency has been used to the maximum. Then you can change the interior design according to your needs or wishes. When your project is finished, you can move it to the desired location for use in other projects and use it safely in any location. You can move the kiosks to different points in your facility and integrate them with your other buildings when necessary.

Ready-to-Use, Affordable and Flexible Modular Space Solutions

Karmod specializes in the design and manufacture of free standing kiosks. Our products are used by local authorities and private customers all over the world. We manufacture a wide range of high quality specialty kiosks suitable for serving as sales offices, street food outlets, drinks, ticket offices, parking lots, kiosks, flowers, advertisements, newsagents and even a mini police station. The cabins are also used as a construction site or canteen area for your staff, with replaceable wall panels, various window and door combinations, and a world enhancement to suit your project needs. We also have products that are completely customized to your needs. Our standard products are structures that have proven their quality with our long experience in the sector. The kiosks, which are delivered ready to use, offer flexible and affordable space solutions. They are more advantageous in almost every way compared to their traditionally built counterparts. Quickly produced and delivered quickly, kiosks save time as well as costs.

Retail Kiosks: Our modular retail kiosks vary from simple models intended for outdoor sales to more articulate types featuring a walk-in space, storage space and ample display surfaces.

Catering Kiosks: Our catering kiosks provide catering facilities of high standard for a variety of businesses including cafés, food kiosks, wine bars and many more.

Indoor & Outdoor Market Kiosks: We specialize in the design and build of a range of sustainable, low-cost and high-quality kiosks for outdoor markets.

Special Projects: We specialize in the design and build of tailor-made kiosks including information and ticket booths, visitor centers, pavilions, toilet and shower blocks.

Flower Kiosks: We’ve designed a wide variety of flower kiosks to accommodate different requirements and site conditions. Optional components may include flower display stands, continuous-cycle irrigation systems and fridge cells.



Prefabricated Kiosk & Prefabricated Portable Ticket Booth Sales

For outdoor sales area solution, prefabricated kiosks are the ideal solution. Karmod modular portable cabins are specially designed for all kinds of needs and can be used in any project. Karmod kiosks are available in many sizes from 1.5x1.5 meters to 2.7x.7.5 meters. A prefabricated kiosk is the best solution for your diverse outdoor sales area needs. In addition to its flexible structure and fast supply, its cost is lower when compared to traditional structures. You can have the product with a stylish design at low cost. One of the most important things to consider when choosing an outdoor sales unit or ticket office is its attractive structure that encourages customers to use it. With this in mind, Karmod offers well-designed, branded and attractive prefabricated kiosks that can adapt to many different situations and are highly customizable to ensure they meet your own corporate identity. At the same time, we work with you in the design and planning stages and help you have the product of your dreams. Your prefabricated kiosk orders can be supplied in a short time and the delivery takes a short time. Thanks to controlled production in factory conditions, the margin of error of our products is very low and products are checked by our expert teams at all stages. Karmod prefabricated products have little impact on the environment and are called environmentally friendly architecture thanks to these features. A lot of materials and labor are required in the construction of a traditional style building. However, modular prefabricated products use materials with maximum efficiency thanks to advanced technological methods and construction processes require very little labor. Since the construction time is very short, the impact it leaves on the environment is also very small. Having an environmentally friendly and sustainable structure is now possible with prefabricated building technology. Please contact us for more information about the features of our products.

Shopping Mall Kiosks - Custom Built Kiosks

Safety is an important factor that is vital for both staff and business, regardless of the type and location of the project. To ensure high performance from your security personnel, a well insulated Karmod security cabinets is the ideal solution for your facility. A comfortable space is very important for both the comfort of the staff and the productivity of the workforce. When your staff works in a relaxed and comfortable environment, your productivity will increase, and you will have a better quality environment. Although it is impossible to offer a completely safe product in the form of a prefabricated kiosk, Karmod's product range has a high standard of construction that provides greater protection for personnel while working. Products with an attractive and accessible design are also low cost. The most important factor reducing the cost is undoubtedly controlled production under factory conditions. Specially designed products are produced with advanced technological techniques to provide maximum efficiency. With the use of materials and labor in maximum efficiency, both quality and low-cost structures are produced. Another feature that distinguishes prefabricated kiosks from traditionally built structures is that they are produced quickly and delivered quickly. When you need a kiosk, you must wait a long time if you want to procure a product built using traditional methods. The elapsed time can change costs and prevent you from realizing your plans. However, since the modular structures are delivered quickly, they are ready for use in a very short time. In this way, it allows you to make your planning more effectively. Traditional methods are at a great disadvantage when you want to have a large number of kiosks. Prefabricated kiosks can be produced in bulk and delivered in bulk.

Coffee Kiosk- Cafeteria Kiosk

Coffee kiosk offers ideal indoor and outdoor solutions. Portable coffee stands are designed according to your needs and are fully customizable. We have standard coffee and cafeteria kiosks, as well as personalized models. Coffee kiosks and cafeteria kiosks are used in indoor shopping malls, dining areas or any open area. Products with a remarkable exterior design can be moved to the desired location after being produced in the factory under controlled conditions. Space efficiency has been used to the maximum in the products designed in a way that will make both your staff and customers comfortable. Thanks to controlled production in factory conditions, coffee kiosk can be produced in accordance with every plan. Whether indoor or outdoor, modular kiosks can be used comfortably.