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Multi-Purpose Office Container Special For Building Needs In Different Areas

Karmod office container is produced with special designs that meet the needs of modern buildings in many areas from commercial offices to industrial halls, restaurants to storage spaces. With the expertise of Karmod since 1986 and the building system prepared in full disassembly using innovative technologies, even large-scale buildings are ready for use in a very short time.

Time Savings Of Up To 85% Compared To The Classical Building Model

Thanks to this wonderful container building system, a 50-square-meter building can be made ready for use within hours in the same day, compared to months of construction in classical architecture. Moreover, high quality, energy-saving high insulation and aesthetic modern design that offer long-lasting use are in new generation container structures.   

Special Container Models

Fully Disassembled Container Technology

The fully disassembled production system removes the narrow space limitations of classical container production, and has the opportunity of 50 square meters of open space in a single unit. Buildings of up to hundreds of square meters can be easily prepared in a single or storey system within the project by connecting them with bolts - salmon with a combined special gasket system. The prepared building is easily shipped to the place where it will be installed by logistics with the package system.

High Energy Saving

The sandwich panel production used in the Karmod disassembled container building system is designed to help significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. In the Karmod container, a sealed special door system that provides full closure and a double glazed window system are specially preferred to minimize energy consumption. When evaluated in terms of energy saving criteria, this wonderful building saves up to 60% with optional applications. Heating and cooling can be easily achieved economically with the choice of air conditioning suitable for the size of the hall.

Long-Lasting Container Building System

In the main bearing metal parts of Karmod buildings, possible corrosion, rusting and corrosion risks have been prevented by choosing stainless, high-weight special coated galvanized sheet metal. In metal paint, the paint technology used in the automotive production system is preferred, and a trouble-free use is aimed, which ensures that the building appearance is bright for many years.

Sandwich Panel System From Wall To Roof

In the wall and roof system of Karmod new generation custom container, a sandwich panel system is preferred for long-lasting use. The panel used in the roof is unique and unique in its field with a thickness of 125 mm. This system, which is very beneficial for the building in terms of insulation, prepares cool living spaces even in extremely hot climates. High density EPS filling material is used as a standard in both wall and roof panels. Optionally, it can be produced by using rock wool filling material, both in terms of higher insulation and fire resistance.

With Same Day Setup, Start Earning Immediately

Karmod new generation custom container, with its fully demounted production system, makes it very easy to produce non-standard dimensions due to the transportation conditions in classical production such as 3x7, 4x8, 4x9, 9x12 meters. We produce your office or residence in whatever size you want, pack it and ship it in a way that can be easily installed in a short time. Our demounted container product has a practical assembly facility that you can even install yourself whenever you want with the help of a crane and a cordless drill. According to the preference, installation is made by Karmod expert teams in the desired country. Do you want to establish a business in a sales office, restaurant, buffet, roller store, market or any other area? Specify your preference, we produce, pack and ship it, you start earning instantly by setting up your business on the same day wherever you want. Let your business work like a charm, relax your investment budget and enjoy yourself.

Fully Secure Electrical Installation System

A fully safe system is used in the electrical installation of the new generation container building with the use of materials in ISO standards. Electrical installation and fixtures are shipped ready. In kitchen, Wc - shower container model, our products are presented as ready to use with sanitary and waste installations as well as electricity. It provides the opportunity to make optional changes in electrical and water installation systems and fixtures according to customer preferences. In the container structure, electrical connections, clean and waste water connections are prepared in a way to connect to the main networks.

Flexible Inner Partitions That Can Be Shaped According To Usage Preference

In Karmod custom container products, the interior room compartments provide flexibility to choose with many different combinations according to customer needs, with the ease of modular system, together with the structure size according to your usage preference. Along with commercial areas, meeting rooms, recreation areas, kitchens, and WC settlements can be easily planned and shaped with this flexibility.

Choice Of Different Building Needs With Attractive Price

Karmod container buildings, which are very attractive compared to classical buildings, are preferred for different needs in many areas. Among the areas where Karmod container buildings are preferred, especially for office and residential use, we can list the following; sales office containers, rent a car and vehicle sales gallery containers, hairdresser and beauty salon containers, restaurant and cafe containers, buffet and market containers, sports sales storm store containers, multi-purpose warehouse and archive building quotes, workshops, etc.