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Container Homes

The offer for container homes must be differentiated. The term container home is not always clear. Some manufacturers also refer to old storage and shipping container as container homes. Shipping container homes and storage container homes are not as useful as one might think. These are homes made by combining old and outdated products. Likewise, although it may seem cheap to buy a container home from China, the problems it may create later cannot be ignored. Chinese container homes can take water in the later process and problems may arise in their insulation. A practical and reliable container home consists of prefabricated parts.

Living in a container offers several advantages. Thanks to their modular construction, living containers can be flexibly adapted to individual living space requirements. They are houses that grow together with the family. When a child is born, for example, another container can easily be placed as a nursery. When the child leaves home in adulthood, the living space that is no longer needed is removed. By adapting the living space according to need, homeowners benefit from low operating costs and make an important contribution to environmental protection.

Container Home Costs for Sale

You can have a container home with basic sanitary facilities, including a shower and toilet, at very affordable prices.

In general, floor coverings are available at costs per container. Insulation and interior fittings are built in the most suitable way for the container and are included in our prices. Ready to live in highly insulated and reliable single container homes with 21 square meters of living space are available at affordable prices. Transportation and installation costs, e.g. a heavy-duty crane, must also be taken into account.

Container Homes

Buying a container home will both cost you more affordable and will allow you to reach your warm home very quickly.

Container Home Builder

As Karmod, we are a big container manufacturer exporting to more than 130 countries of the world. Besides Karmod, there are now many small container home manufacturers.

To save costs, some buyers rely on container buildings from Eastern European countries such as Poland. The low labor costs there make it possible to produce much cheaper. In principle there is nothing to say against foreign suppliers, but it is strongly recommended to check the quality of the houses. Quality standards are often lower. The language barrier can also cause problems.

Container Homes

You can install the products we ship disassembled at the place you receive them yourself or we can install them with our assembly team if you wish. Building a container home are very easy with our products. The containers we send with the disassembled system are screw system, easily installed and can be removed at any time.

The modular container homes we build provide multi-purpose use and can also be called steel container homes. Also these are spacious container houses.

Container Home Ideas and Container Home Design

Houses have many faces and even more facades. In modernist architecture, the home facade is understood as the design principle by which a building is designed and built. If you are planning to build a home, you should pay particular attention to the design of the facade. Facades turn a home inside out - or not! In the best case, the facade design makes you wonder what is "behind the facade". From villa to bungalow: get inspired and discover pictures and great ideas on how to design beautiful homes and facades.

Container Home Ideas

The container homes we produce are highly insulated and resistant to difficult conditions. If you have good ideas, you can work on the facade as you wish and give your container home the desired look. Our container homes are suitable for the desired facade works. The rest is up to your creativity...

Container Home Inside

 In the same way, you can design the interior of your container home as you wish. All you have to do for this will be to look at examples of inside container home.

Container Home Plans

First of all, questions about the use and the number of occupants need to be clarified. For example, a 15 m² container may be sufficient for an extension to an existing home in the form of a guest room or a playroom for children. But if the container house will include living space, a kitchenette, a bedroom and a bathroom, a container of at least 42 m² container home should be chosen - perhaps even a combination of several containers.

It should be noted that normal sea containers are not very convertible, so the prefabricated living containers we produce are a more suitable option. The installation of windows and doors in a sea container can be problematic, the static calculations should be checked and reinforced if necessary. In this case, it is advisable to get help from a structural engineer to draw the container home plans. In the living containers we produce, all kinds of static calculations are made by our team of engineers and architects. We also prefer the highest quality and stainless materials for production. This makes the plans designed for you very useful and functional.

Container Home Images

Glass facades, clinker facades, wood or plastered concrete - the materials used for facade cladding shape the style and design of homes. While wood panels or cladding are often applied over a large area as exterior wall cladding, you can use the facade design to emphasize the air side or structural elements such as a bay window or the entrance to the house. Deceptively realistic stone or wood-look facades not only help to save costs. They are also low maintenance and weather resistant. Wood panels and tiles create a rustic look, while fiber cement facade panels have a modern effect. Clinker bricks or a facade with the look of natural stone create the perfect backdrop for Mediterranean family homes.

You can access container home pictures from any platform or from our website.

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