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Delivering excellence in everything we do

Since 1986, Karmod Modular has offered a wide selection of modular office building solutions to help keep up with all your business needs. We provide high-quality & Durable modular office buildings to meet your specifications & budget.

The Concept modular office building system is a unique product that has been developed to offer a versatile and cost-effective alternative to the more traditional types of prefabricated buildings. With a highly experienced project management team we have a proven track record of designing, manufacturing and delivering varied solutions, from temporary decant modular office accommodation, to complex permanent multi-storey buildings. Our Modular office buildings offer fast accommodation solutions to differing market sectors. Whether it’s a permanent addition or temporary office space, it will share the same high-quality of manufacture and come with outstanding service.

Karmod Modular has a wealth of experience in the Commercial and Industrial sector. Prefab modular office buildings We design, manufacture and deliver, for permanent or temporary, commercial and industrial building solutions including bespoke designs for industrial and manufacturing businesses, airports, railways and bus stations.

Karmod modern manufacturing facilities enable us to offer permanent and temporary modular building solutions for all sectors. The long-life modular prefabricated office buildings enjoy the features of quick production and installation and economic prices advantages. The exceptionally aesthetic design of our portable office buildings is prepared carefully to give ergonomic and comfortable places. Finding a commercial space is a challenge, whether you're with a startup or looking to grow an established workforce. Businesses usually turn to modular prefab offices as an affordable solution.


Among our products are the work buildings, sales showrooms, public and municipality buildings, management centers, representative offices and many other buildings models can be found.

Types of Modular Office Buildings:

We’ll work with you to layout and design a custom-built prefab office building. There are many advantages to modular construction when compared to tradition stick-built modular office. Some advantages are:

  • Speed
  • Off-site modular office construction is quicker than traditional build methods.
  • Quality
  • The factory-controlled construction process meets strict quality standards at each step of the build. Thorough checks are completed before modules are released for site delivery.
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Modular office buildings offer high thermal performance and meet and exceed regulatory requirements.
  • Convenience
  • modular office for construction site helps avoid the disruption that can come with traditional build.
  • Flexibility
  • Whatever the brief or specification, there’s a modular office building to suit.
  • Cost
  • Off-site construction offers a high quality and cost-effective modular office structure that’s entirely fit-for-purpose.

Construction Modular Offices

We Turn Your Business Areas into Luxury Living Spaces

Business areas are the areas where most of the day, or even most of our lives pass. When considered from this point of view, it is very important that the business areas are healthy, durable, environmentally friendly and spacious. Whether it is permanent business areas or temporary business areas, Karmod modular office buildings offer you the best solution. Modular office complexes, which can be structures such as containers, prefabricated, can be produced in a very short time. Since they are produced in a factory environment, they are not affected by the site conditions. There is no extra cost outside of the plan. Since they have a portable feature, they can be transferred to other work areas very easily when their usage expires. They are mostly recyclable structures. When you choose Karmod portable office buildings, your damage to the environment is minimized. They can be single-storey or double-storey. 2 types of materials are used in building exterior and interior panel cladding.

These are materials with Betopan press panel and sandwich panel system. At the same time, you will have fire-resistant structures thanks to the use of A1 class fireproof materials and materials with very low risk of burning in these structures. Our practical offices, which are prepared with a modular combination panel system, are prepared with full production in the factory and are also shipped to be assembled at the place of use with its modular feature when requested. The main units that make up the structure are manufactured with machine automation technology, by reflecting the details in the design plan in exactly the same dimensions, with a screwless production system without welding. The office designs prepared under the control of specialist architects and engineers in desired dimensions with a single or two storey have a strong as well as aesthetic structure. Office buildings, which have eye aesthetics when viewed from the outside, prepare ergonomic working environments with functional use and spacious spaces.

We have been a part of dozens of important projects all over the world for years with our latest technology production systems and more than 35 years of experience. You can examine our works in detail on our website. Karmod new generation system was used in the construction sites of the 3rd Airport of Istanbul. As Karmod, we are proud to have contributed to the completion of the giant project as soon as possible. In the construction site model, prefabricated office buildings and refectory buildings were used together with Karmod New Generation Container. The modular office complexes produced for the giant project have a usable capacity by 1200 employees. Karmod modular office buildings were used in the construction sites to be used in the construction phase of the Palestinian Museum, which will witness the recent history.

We also contribute to smaller workshops with large construction sites. We completed another prefab modular office project for Switzerland. We complete modular production facility in Turkey in the pre-production work office container office within the buildings dismantled and delivered as we carry out on-site installation and we've delivered ready for use.

Design of reusable, mobile and expandable prefab offices

With our flexible panel office systems, your prefabricated offices provide flexibility for the future of your facility. The structure can be pre-assembled in our manufacturing facility on a steel base, which upon arrival at your facility, only needs to be anchored in place and amenities hung. This design allows the building to be easily moved to another area or reused for another purpose! In addition, traditional teardown is designed to be easily extended or completely uninstalled if your business moves to another facility.

Karmod's customer-focused expertise and service

At Karmod, our number one goal is "to solve the space needs of our customers with excellence and excellent customer service," and that is what we strive to do every day. Every department here is motivated by providing the best possible experience for our customers. We pride ourselves on being the experts in modular construction, and we are confident that we can work with you to find the best possible space solution for you or your client.

The value of prefabricated office panels

Modular office buildings offer a number of advantages that traditional construction cannot. Using our standardized office system, panels are produced efficiently in our manufacturing facility. Then, when the panels reach the job site, they are easily installed using our binder post system with a fraction of the mess and waste of stick construction. Less waste, less heavy machinery, and faster installation times mean minimal site disruption to your facility. This efficiency allows the building to be commissioned quickly, allowing it to start adding value to your facility as soon as possible.