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Healthy Eating Environment

Karmod is offering Mess Hall Building solutions for worksite camps, schools, hospitals, social and public facilities. You can choose between our ready plans or suggest your own plan to us and we will produce and erect it in a way that ideally compliments your Project. The main advantage of these prefabricated buildings are fast erection, high thermal, and sound insulation, durability, cost-effectiveness, and can be used in all environments. Mess Halls include kitchen, cellar, and eating section and is designed according to the presumed number of workers. Our dining halls are used in many areas such as construction site workers, schools, hospitals, social facilities, military structures, international centers, condominiums, spa facilities and etc.

Modular Cafeterias and Dining Halls Models

Quality Dining Facilities for Hospitality

Looking for a modern, quickly built prefabricated canteen and dining areas? You are in the right place. Karmod offers prefabricated solutions for Dining Hall Facilities and Relocatable Modular Cafeterias for permanent and temporary use.

As a leading modular construction company, Karmod Prefabricated Technologies is dedicated to providing high-quality modular buildings for all kinds of uses and industries. Established in 1986, Karmod has years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality, prefabricated modular buildings and provides a speedy installation service that could see your building complete and ready for use in a matter of days or weeks. Whether you require a temporary school building, whilst building works are undertaken, a modern hospital building extension, or an office on a construction site, custom prefabricated buildings are a perfect choice.

Karmod’s wide range of prefabricated modular buildings can be found in many sectors including trade, industry, health, local authority, sportive events, and disaster relief. Karmod provides custom modular buildings suitable to fit the needs of any project.

Retail Café Stores & Modular Construction

Our prefabricated modular commercial buildings serve as an economical and sustainable solution for those seeking temporary or permanent facilities. Prefab buildings can exist as complete buildings of their own, or they can be used as partitions and extensions to match up to existing permanent conventional buildings structures.

Karmod has a great reputation for creating spacious, affordable, functional, and attractive environments particularly when it comes to prefabricated modular offices, portable cafeterias, restaurants, and dining hall facilities. Our design team is well-versed in understanding the requirements of everything from basic warming functionality to comprehensive kitchens by maximizing the spaces needed throughout the building for food preparation and cooking, serving lines, seated dining, and dishwashing and storage areas.

The construction methods employed on prefabricated modular buildings increase speeds of construction by up to 70%. This is because modular restaurant buildings are made in strictly controlled environments providing consistent quality. Modular building companies are often able to produce quality hard to achieve on-site construction. With so many standard restaurant designs, project owners can count on minimal instances of delays and keep to schedule with great accuracy.

Efficient and Flexible Cafeteria and Dining Hall Buildings

Modular construction is an excellent solution for restaurants, cafeterias, dining halls, and other commercial applications. Our ready to use buildings are entirely made in our modern factory. Our units are manufactured from sandwich panels based on steel frame structures.

Our modular buildings consist of at least two mobile space modules that you can combine as required. Thanks to the flexibility of our panel system, you will have the opportunity to create modular buildings with up to three stories in various sizes or configurations. Here you will find several configuration examples.

When it comes to innovative building solutions for your dining hall or canteen, look no further than Karmod. Modular buildings are fast becoming the alternative to conventional construction, and it’s easy to understand why.

Modular buildings are the perfect solution for canteens and dining halls in schools. They are highly durable and can be erected, ready for use, within half the time of a permanent build. The rapid install compared to traditional builds also allows for the minimal disruption which is paramount in an active site such as a school or campus.


Your new modular prefab restaurant cost is lower than you think. The modular building system is quickly becoming the construction method of choice. More and more people are preferring to build in a modular system due to the great advantages of fast, cost-effective, and efficient construction. Karmod modern and flexible modular buildings are designed to suit different types of needs. The modular building process is revolutionizing the way that the world builds.

In many cases, modern prefab modular buildings are up to 60% cheaper than conventional buildings or extensions. In addition, modular construction provides great advantages on savings related to labor and equipment. Modular buildings can also benefit from cost-efficiency through building maintenance thanks to their eco-friendly construction and durable materials.