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Practical toilet container solutions for the different needs

Toilet and shower container units are ideal for a wide range of businesses, including construction sites where there is a legal requirement to provide welfare facilities,

Other options include steel multi-cubicle toilet and shower container units, perfect for tough environments and the container toilet which delivers water and energy-saving features.

Production of ready-to-use, fast, long-lasting container wc with shower toilet to use both economic and practical solution. Our demountable Sanitary container structure are produced in single and multi-unit plan like closet, shower, urinals, disabled toilet (WC), according to customer preferences.

Our structures with their interior equipments at international standards are preferred for toilet and shower container solution by workers camp, tourism and holiday destination, international organizations.

For a toilet or shower container you will need an electrical connection (the size of supply will vary with the unit), mains sewer or septic tank waste connection and a water supply.

Portable toilet and shower containers

In the overcrowded world we live in, there is a growing need for basic needs. Portable bath and shower containers can provide a little relief from the growing demands of the working environment and take some of the pressure off the needs and requirements of the site. Portable shower and toilet containers can vary in capacity depending on the specific function and requirements. Portable shower and toilet containers can provide a great solution for many businesses. Portable office toilets are an efficient and convenient piece of equipment that can be used with minimal disruption to the site and provide a hygienic and safe environment to use.


WC and shower container units

We have an impressive range of toilet, sanitary and shower containers in various sizes and finishes to suit your needs! Ideal for the construction industry, festivals and events, and sports clubs, this range offers a cost effective and high quality alternative to traditional brick and mortar blocks for toilets and shower troughs.

This particular unit is our modular toilet and shower unit and it is made of galvanised steel as shown in the picture. With a shower on one side and a toilet on the other, it can be used on two floors. The unit is insulated and soundproofed with PU foam insulation, so it keeps the heat in. The cement-bonded floor means that it will last a very long time. The beauty of this WC and shower container is that it is easy to move from one place to another making it a fantastic purchase for an event or construction company.

This toilet and shower unit is complete and ready to use. It does require an external power supply and water, as well as connection to a sewer or proper waste water disposal, and it is ready to go! This must be installed on site by a professionally certified engineer on delivery. This must be installed on site by a professionally certified engineer on delivery.

Hygienic Wc & Bathroom containers with the comfort of home

The Karmod restroom series is designed for heavy-duty and high-capacity work. It’s perfect for industrial jobs sites and large events like festivals.

Choose from single, dual or mixed gender restroom floor plans, Karmod-compliant models or off-grid options for remote locations. The Karmod series offers proven floor plans for heavy-use application. We were approached by a large world manufacturer with a need for a sanitary solution for their workers. The environment included harsh industrial work conditions and the absence of grid. We provided this customer an off-grid model from the Karmod series. The bathroom and WC container is equipped with a water tanks providing fresh water and grey water.

Karmod was approached by one of the world's largest oil, mining and engineering organisations to create a cleanable, containerized washroom for their oilfield employees. They wanted to provide a clean washroom for their employees to improve employee satisfaction and retention. All toilets have individual stalls and the men's toilets are equipped with urinals for high traffic use.

Rugged and durable, our units are perfectly suited for disaster relief, emergency housing, and harsh conditions. They can withstand natural disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Modular sanitary units and Site shower containers

Karmod US And UK provides modular sanitary units and site shower cabins from our partners, Karmod Turkey. Providing, safe and clean site sanitary cabins is important to your client’s health and wellbeing. Our modular sanitary units and site shower container and cabins are equipped with high quality equipment and sophisticated facilities that are designed for long-term use.

Here are places modular restrooms are often used:

  • Sports complexes and arenas
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Quarry & Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Education
  • Government
  • Fairgrounds and entertainment event venues
  • Raceways
  • Worship and Religious
  • Parks & Rest Areas

Advantages of modular sanitary units

Our Karmod modular units cater for site shower rooms and modular toilets, providing comfort and convenience on your site. Our modules are of high quality and feature thermal and acoustic insulation. They are ready for use shortly after delivery and are available in many different equipment options to suit your needs and budget.

Choosing site sanitary cabins

Our modular sanitary units and showers are a fast and clean sterilization arrangement and make an agreeable space that utilizes new water as opposed to cruel synthetic compounds. Every module can be designed to suit your requirements, arrives in an assortment of sizes and can incorporate latrines, work areas, showers and sinks.

Mobile sanitary areasn and WC and urinal

Be it on a building site or campsite or as a supplementary sanitary container, mobile sanitary areas from Karmod Container have a wide range of applications and are easy to keep clean. Fitted with WCs and urinals, they are a convenient alternative to toilet trailers or

Shower container with shower cubicles

Compact shower cubicles with curtains, valves and trays turn an Karmod sanitary container into a complete mobile bathroom. Karmod shower containers are ideal for campsites, technician’s quarters or residential container systems.

Wastewater tanks and sanitary containers

Full use can even be made of Karmod sanitary containers when the infrastructure is limited or non-existent: With optional wastewater tanks with a range of capacities, dirty water can be disposed of reliable if the container is not connected to the drainage system.