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Prefabricated WC and Shower units

Karmod is a worldwide brand name, producing prefabricated WC and Showers according to international standards. We are offering WC and Shower solutions for all types of public social facilities, construction worksites, mines, oil fields, international trade fairs, parks, gardens, sportive organizations, tourism sector, road construction sites and etc.

Karmod is using only quality certified materials for the production of prefabricated portable toilets and shower units. We are manufacturing different configurations of WC and Shower units according to international quality standards.

Prefabricated WC and Shower units Models

Modular Toilets & Shower - Commercial Prefab Restrooms

With more than 35 years of experience in the prefabricated sector, Karmod offers another range of solutions consisting of modular toilets, bathrooms, and restroom facilities. Karmod prefabricated modular units are a fast and affordable solution to get the toilet facilities you need.  Our modular restrooms can be easily added to your existing lavatory facilities or can be placed in a location where you currently have none. Ready to use prefabricated toilets are produced off-site in a manufacturing plant facility helping to significantly accelerate the time to occupancy because the site is being prepared at the same time as the unit is built.

Whether you need a small or large toilet unit, Karmod modular buildings can practically build to any size in order to meet your specific needs. Our professional design team is ready to work with you to customize your modular toilet to seamlessly integrate with both locker rooms and bathing facilities.

Karmod prefabricated modular toilets have a variety of different applications, including but not limited to: Construction sites, Oil and Gas, Mining industry facilities,  Manufacturing facilities,  Warehouses, Camping grounds, Public parks, Factories, Festivals, Sportive Events, Agricultural sites, and Sports complexes.

Common Modular Restroom Applications

Commonly referred to in long-term worksites, temporary schools, field hospitals, recreational areas, and large-scale concert events, as well as festivals, campgrounds, parking lots, and sports arenas, our prefabricated modular units provide quick and affordable restroom solutions without sacrificing durability or aesthetics.

Karmod Prefabricated Technologies offers guaranteed reliable structures that blend in and match up the existing buildings or environment. Karmod prefab restrooms are ideal for disaster-relief operations, construction sites, and parking stations. These buildings are designed to endure harsh weather conditions and climates, and can even withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods.

Prefab modular construction is suitable for both permanent and temporary restroom needs. Permanent modular restrooms can be customized with an endless list of options while relocatable restrooms offer the incredible flexibility to be easily moved from one location to another without having to build again.

 Flexible Affordable Modular Toilet

Our ready to use modular toilets provide solutions for your warehouse or factory if you need a quick and permanent solution while being able to remain flexible. That way, if you need to restructure or add to your building, your restrooms can be easily moved and reinstalled just like any other modular building. Also, if your factory or warehouse is located in a seismic heavy area like Istanbul, modular restrooms can be designed with earthquake engineering for optimal safety.

Karmod’s prefab modular toilet is a spacious, hygienic, and light restroom unit that is ideal for large gatherings such as weddings, parties, or events. The open design allows users to move easily through space, with enough room to congregate if there are a number of people using the restroom. A versatile modular toilet building, the prefab toilet is unisex with flushing toilets, but we can also provide it as a female-only or male-only unit with a full flushing toilet and urinals.

The Benefits of Using Prefabricated Toilets

When compared to conventional building, prefabricated modular construction provides a wide variety of benefits, including:

Construction lead time: Prefabricated structures are produced and installed quickly and are available to use faster than traditional construction.

Cost-Effective: prefabricated modular toilets allow property owners to save money and reduce labor costs without sacrificing quality. This is because up to 90% of modular restrooms are manufactured in a controlled environment often performed at a lower cost than conventional construction.

Unlike other temporary restroom facilities, easy to install modular restrooms can be designed with both function and aesthetic needs in mind with full plumbing available to provide the most comfortable experience for employees and guests.

We offer a variety of fully functional modular or prefabricated restrooms. Whether you need public facilities that last for decades or several weeks, modular restrooms are an affordable and high-quality solution. Modular restrooms are an economical option with the same aesthetic as traditional construction. Karmod modular restrooms are compliant and ideal for any job site or school campus.