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Maximum Width and Height Steel Structure Solutions!

The most reliable environmental structural steel system

Steel Construction structures, which have a structural steel system, where high strength is provided with the lightest material, are the safest building model for commercial buildings and living spaces. In this building model, the entire load-bearing system that ensures the building safety is made of steel and connected to each other with static expertise. It is the first preferred building system, especially in areas subject to an earthquake. Considering the protection of sustainable environmental values, which is one of the most important agendas of modern architecture, steel structure with the longest building life and fully recyclable material feature is given priority. In buildings with a structural steel system, there is no need for intermediate columns and load-bearing walls, which are obligatory to be used in the classical reinforced concrete model. For this reason, the production of very large spaces with higher elevations that can never be achieved with other building styles can be easily realized with the structural steel system.

The Most Reliable Green Structural Steel System

Steel Construction system structures that offer unlimited alternatives even to the needs of space at maximum width and height; It has many outstanding advantages such as robustness, safe, long-lasting, durability, ergonomics, and comfort. Other advantages of the building model such as disassembly in a short time, pre-production, and ease of installation should also be emphasized.

The steel construction building system has prominent advantages such as the preparation of spaces for wider use with the ideal number of columns with building safety, the need for less foundation investment with its flexible and lightweight system feature compared to its concrete-like counterparts, and providing a safe building solution with fast installation. From the point of view of the design engineer, the steel structure system is the preferred model. It is among the favorite building models of designers with its reliable full steel material and cross-section superiority features, ease of production and assembly that solves sensitive details, earthquake and fire resistance, acoustic superiority, and application alternatives that provide high insulation to the structure.

Steel structures are preferred in many different areas from factory production facilities to workshops, from offices to public service buildings, with the ease of application and mechanical superiority they provide for static capabilities.

Structures Produced by Model of Steel Construction System

Together with industrial areas, solutions are produced for the unlimited building needs of indoor living areas.

Steel Construction Superior Features

  1. It is suitable for the first-degree earthquake zone.
  2. Highest roof insulation in its class
  3. Highest insulation values in its class
  4. It has a speed of 102 km / h
  5. Weldless structure assembly
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Modern office buildings with a steel system

The advantages of the steel structure system have made this building model preferred in modern office buildings. It has important advantages such as the preparation of spaces of maximum width with the use of high-level free columns, which add attractiveness to customer relations in single or story office buildings, very fast and noiseless construction time, more efficient use of the construction site with the necessary material delivery, especially in urban projects.

Especially for corporate companies that want to have more attractive offices in city centers, many offices such as sales offices and headquarters buildings can be prepared in a short time with the steel structure system by preserving the high architectural and environmental values of the buildings in the best conditions.

Pre-Production engineering

Steel Construction structures are designed with pre-production engineering to facilitate the planning of production and construction operations, and to provide building structure safety in better conditions. From the very beginning of the steel structure construction project, expert design engineers work in sync with the production and assembly teams to ensure safe field assembly of the steel structure as well as production.

A computerized production system that works fully integrated from design to production

Computer programs with special software are used in the design of steel construction structures, and the structure to be created with this integrated system in the modern factory production line can be manufactured in complete and error-free exact details. With this system, the design of the steel construction project is transmitted directly to the computer-aided production machine line through the system and contributes directly to the increase of the production quality standard.

Along with the flawless production of the project, the assembly process is planned in detail with three-dimensional drawing models. Thus, even the most complex steel structure projects are made ready for use with the safest and best assembly performance at the installation site. Since the steel structure system has a disassembled system, this makes production and assembly planning very easy. With this system, the production of basic materials, which have priority in installation, is given priority, while the production of the remaining units continues, while the field installation begins. At the same time, materials that do not have prioritatin the installation site are shipped as they come, contributing to the need for field working area width and eliminating unnecessary storage.

Steel construction structures are the first building model we will recommend to those who want to start earning immediately with commercial structures such as factories, workshops, hangars, and unlimited living space needs such as residences, offices, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, where a permanent solution to the earthquake risk threat is desired.

Commercial and industrial buildings with steel systems

Steel construction structures are the most preferred building model with the advantage of fast, easy projecting at the desired elevation, fast producti,on and installation for the building needs of factories, workshops, logistics storage, and distribution warehouses, shopping malls, and entertainment centers for the retail sector, mostly demanded single-storey use. We design multi-purpose commercial and industrial steel structures, defined as hangars, with our Karmod expertise, from small workshops of one hundred square meters to thousands of square meters, with our engineers, we produce them quickly with our modern technology, and with our installation expertise, we deliver them with ready-to-use installation in a short time. We continue to support commercial buildings from project to installation with the quality of our steel buildings, which we have prepared with expertise and technology, and our best cost and delivery performance.

Retail market chain buildings

We provide services to shopping malls and chain market companies operating in the competitive retail sector with our cost-effective, flexible design and fast installation steel construction structures. We increase customer experience in terms of satisfaction with our wide and spacious space presentation at ideal elevation in retail buildings that we have prepared using steel construction. Always be ahead in a competitive environment by having the building needs such as chain markets, textile and furniture stores, and cargo service offices in the shortest time possible with our building model with the most affordable budget.

Steel System Hospital and Health Buildings

Healthcare buildings need flexible, articulate structures to increase service delivery over time. With our adaptable steel construction system, we provide flexible structures for the health sector. With the advantage of our bolted steel structure system in hospital environments where noise is not desired, we silently install our structures with fast installation. We control noise and vibration in our steel construction health buildings with our expertly prepared building statics. Operating rooms, intensive care units, treatment areas, imaging centers, and study and patient rooms have maximum comfort with our structures.

Steel Construction School and Education Buildings

In the planning of educational buildings, standard criteria such as sound acoustic control and building vibration should be met as in health buildings. Every detail, from classrooms to special education workshops, from teachers' room to the principal's room, from the canteen to the gymnasium and WC units, must comply with the building regulations of the Ministry of National Education. AsAtarmod, with our expertise in steel structures, we build high-security schools with fast installation at educational standards for kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, high school and university buildings. We prepare classrooms and lecture halls, laboratories, academic buildings with the most ideal sound-acoustic value, multi-storey student dormitories, and safe education buildings with our steel structures.

Steel Gauge System Social Facilities and Entertainment Buildings

This group, which is mostly composed of recreational buildings, includes structures for the entertainment sector such as tourism facilities, hotels, restaurants and cafes, sports halls, swimming pools, theaters, and movie theaters. In this building group, we are the brand preferred by the sectors with our spacious space choices for functional use, building safety, and production and installation speed.