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Establishment Information

About Karmod:

Karmod has a strong history dating back to its foundation in 1986. Our company operates under the name Karmod Prefabricated Building Technologies Ltd. and produces in the prefabricated ready-made construction industry.

With the same enthusiasm from our first day, our projects are now safely used in 134 countries across 6 continents.

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Karmod Chronology:

  • 1986 | Opening of the first workshop in Kartal
  • 1994 | Start of operations in the Tuzla, İçmeler Factory
  • 2008 | Opening of Tuzla Orhanlı Factory 1
  • 2020 | Opening of Tuzla Orhanlı Factory 1
  • 2004 | First export
  • 2008 | Reached 50 countries
  • 2015 | Reached 100 countries
  • 2023 | Reached 134 countries
  • 2017 | Karmod FRANCE Opening
  • 2021 | Karmod GERMANY Opening
  • 2021 | Karmod UK Opening
  • 2022 | Karmod USA Opening

Karmod Affiliates:

  • 2002 | Pensa Affiliation - Sudan
  • 2005 | Precon Affiliation - Sudan
  • 2006 | ROTA Foreign Trade Affiliation - Turkey
  • 2020 | Elitech Affiliation - South Africa

Karmod Production Facilities:

Karmod owns two separate production facilities located in the Orhanlı Industrial Zone in the Tuzla district of Istanbul. With its technologically advanced investments, it manufactures to ISD standards in facilities with a 30,000 m2 indoor area.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

Who are we, and what do we do?

To produce new settlement structures in open and closed spaces with prefabricated building solutions that are suitable for the modern living culture, for both individual and institutional users.

Our Vision:

What is our goal?

To achieve a turnover of 40 million USD in the prefabricated building industry by 2025, both domestically in Turkey and in global markets, characterized by aesthetics, durability, safety, and longevity. And to contribute to the increase in employment, exports, technological usage, and thus the consciousness of social responsibility in our country.

Products and Services

With the principle of quality production using technology and quick installation in a short time, our innovative structures make life easier. They save time and money for those who choose them.

Karmod Productions:

With our prefabricated and steel system structures, we offer a wide range of building solutions such as Site Buildings, Offices, Houses and Mass Housing, Social Facility Buildings, Emergency Housing Units, Educational and Health Buildings, Military Buildings, Mosques, and Worship Places.

With our container structures, we provide solutions like Site Buildings, Economic Housing, Earthquake Houses, Office Buildings, Military Facility Buildings, WC and Shower units.

With our modular living cabins, we offer ready-made practical building solutions for various uses like Security Cabins, Buffet Sale Cabins, Office Cabins, WC and Shower solutions.

Technology and Innovation

Karmod, the leading brand of the prefabricated building industry, leads with its innovations. In addition to working with professional teams, Karmod also values innovation and improves its products through R&D efforts.

The Next-Gen Container developed by Karmod is among the most preferred containers worldwide. It offers energy savings due to its high insulation provided by the 12.5 cm roof sandwich panel system and special clamping method.

The Hybrid Steel building system is also an innovative solution introduced to the industry by Karmod. It allows for the combined use of light steel and structural steel systems in the same building. With the hybrid steel system, aesthetic building designs become easier while ensuring maximum structural safety.

Projects executed with unique software reflecting these innovations are manufactured in modern facilities with ISO standards using high-quality materials. They are delivered ready for use with on-site installations by professional teams.

With a sustainable R&D management system, Karmod will continuously bring innovations to its products and the industry.

References and Collaborations

Karmod, which has carried out over 1000 building projects in 134 countries on 6 continents, sees its products being used reliably.

Karmod carries out building projects in diverse areas ranging from individual residences to mass housing, energy to mining site structures, office and administrative buildings to post-disaster living units.

Prominent Karmod Projects:

  • Shah Deniz 2 Natural Gas Project:

We manufactured the site structures for the Shah Deniz 2 project, which has the highest natural gas reserve detected in the world so far. Our prefabricated and container structures were used in the site buildings of Shah Deniz 2, which supplies energy to all of Europe, located near Baku, Azerbaijan.

  • Iraq Mass Housing Project:

In just 7 months, we completed and delivered social facility buildings along with 1884 residences where 10,000 people live in the cities of Baghdad and Kut in Iraq.

  • Congo Mass Housing Project:

We completed a project of 1200 houses in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 90 days. The houses were set up in the capital Kinshasa and the city of Mbuji Mayi.

  • Akkuyu NPP Project:

We produced and delivered ready-to-use site buildings for Turkey's first nuclear power production plant, Akkuyu NPP.

  • Istanbul Airport Project:

We set up the initial site structures during the construction phase of Istanbul Airport, the world's largest airport in terms of passenger transfer capacity.

  • Uganda Oil Field Project:

We set up site structures for the Uganda oil field located by Lake Albert, which has one of the world's largest oil reserves. The site structures, built entirely with our new-generation container model, consisted of 77 blocks and covered an area of 50,000 m2.

With our technology, quick production, and installation speed, we continue to be the preferred building choice of leading global brands.

Awards and Achievements

From 1986 to today, the leading role in its sector has brought Karmod numerous successes.

Due to the special importance we give to business ethics, one of the most precious awards we received was the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award presented in 2016 by the Board of Directors of İGİAD (Turkey Economic Enterprise and Business Ethics Association) to our Chairman, Mr. Mehmet Çankaya.

Skills of the Team

Adopting the principle of working with talented professional teams, one of Karmod's mottos is, "Karmod's most valuable asset is its employees."

Karmod continues the orientation training given to its staff during their initial employment at certain times of the year. With the specialized training support brought by corporateness, it prepares opportunities for the continuous development of its personnel.

All of our teams, who act with the awareness of being a part of the Karmod team, contribute greatly to the completion of projects in the best way.

Combining their talents with the innovative technologies provided by Karmod, our teams seek the path to excellence.

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