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Reliable modular schools projects for future makers

Our modular classrooms are a sustainable building solution for expanding schools and colleges, designed to be energy-efficient and flexible working spaces. Karmod offers high-quality modular buildings to support all levels of education and students needs from classrooms to whole schools and everything in between

Karmod is one of the top brands is supplying prefabricated schools to public institutions and ministries of education. Karmod provides trusted education prefabricated solutions including Nurseries, Colleges, Universities, Private schools, public schools, modern prefab classrooms, and other complexes and modular school buildings.

Karmod has executed many modular school projects especially in Africa, Europe, and South America. We produce secure prefabricated schools and classroom projects with high insulation, ergonomic plans, and modular transportable structure.

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Karmod prefabricated schools advantages:

  • Easy loading and on-time delivery

  • Customized classrooms designs

  • High tech production with the quality control system
  • More efficient use of resources

Karmod can also create private school projects depending on your requirements, please send your plans and the specification documents to us.

Thousands Of Student School Buildings In A Very Short Time With With Prefabricated School Buildings.

Prefabricated buildings are modular buildings that offer convenience in all areas of life. With the development of technology in recent years, we can see prefabricated buildings in many different usage areas in each sector. Although prefabricated houses are the most preferred type of prefabricated building, which is at the top of the usage areas, the use of prefabricated buildings from the health field to the service sector is increasing. In this way, one of the areas of use of prefabricated structures with a wide range of uses is education. Education is one of the most important issues in life. Unfortunately, many children still cannot receive an education due to inadequacies in the region where they are located for different reasons. Prefabricated school buildings are the easiest solution where schools cannot be installed for different reasons. Prefabricated school buildings are portable structures that can be easily installed in any area and are produced in a factory environment in a very short time, and are installed in the place where installation and assembly are requested and with a modular structure.

Thanks to their modular structure, they are built in a very short time. Each part of the buildings produced in the factory environment is produced as a separate piece and packaged separately. Subsequently, prefabricated school buildings, which are shipped to the region requested by sea, airline, or road, are installed on-site by Karmod teams and delivered ready for use. They are portable structures and thanks to this feature they are easy to carry. Another advantage of portable school buildings is that they are very economical compared to reinforced concrete structures. When comparing the two building types, you may have to allocate much larger budgets for reinforced concrete structures. For this reason, the most suitable solution for school & education buildings in regions with various deficiencies is portable school buildings.

With prefabricated school buildings, it is possible to do everything an education building needs. Quality installation, high heat and sound insulation, earthquake resistance, and protection against natural disasters and fire are the most important issues for school & education buildings. Modular school buildings meet all these needs. At the same time, they do not have a uniform design, interior, and exterior designs can be shaped according to demand. It is possible to choose and make different and fun designs, colors for children.

Some of the features of prefabricated school buildings;

  • They have high heat and sound insulation.
  • Suitable for 1st-degree earthquake zone.
  • 75 Kg / m2 snow load value
  • 80 km / h wind speed value
  • Environmentally friendly

With these advantages, they are ideal structures for a school building. Thanks to the portable classrooms that can be easily moved to the desired location, environmentally friendly and durable school buildings can be produced and safe use is provided for many years. However, prefabricated school buildings can be constructed not only in regions with certain deficiencies but also in school buildings places that are destroyed after natural disasters. In school buildings, which have everything a normal education building can have, besides the school building, areas such as dormitories and cafeterias can also be produced prefabricated. They can be single-story or multilayered in combination. In areas used for workarounds, they can be easily moved to the desired location when the period of use expires.

Modular School Buildings Can Be Used Both Temporarily And Permanently

Modular school buildings are the most suitable option for temporary solutions thanks to their production in a very short time. For example, temporary school buildings with 50 classrooms can be made ready in a short time such as 1 - 2 months. While a reinforced concrete school project is being completed, prefabricated school buildings can be safely preferred for the school buildings established to serve temporarily. Or they can be used for school & education buildings that are needed until permanent school buildings are built after a natural disaster. Or, in situations such as the long renovation of a school building, temporary school buildings provide great convenience. When it expires, it can be easily moved to the desired area. Although simple structures come to mind when it comes to prefabricated structures, modular classrooms, which are produced with a belt system in the factory environment, using state-of-the-art production systems, are earthquake resistant and fire-resistant.

Portable school buildings are also highly resistant to natural disasters with their snow load value and wind speed value. This durability and quality make them not only a temporary solution, and also ensures that prefabricated school buildings are preferred in areas where permanent solutions are sought. In permanent custom modular school buildings, all facilities are available like in all reinforced concrete schools. Similar areas such as building height, corridors, classrooms, library, laboratories, activity rooms, manager and assistant manager rooms, teachers' room, conference hall, dining room, wc shower unit are designed and produced in accordance with the ministry school regulations. In public schools, it is possible to build permanent custom modular schools from kindergarten to high school. Schools produced at international standards and quality can be used safely in all conditions for many years.

Karmod, which has signed construction projects worldwide, has successfully completed many prefab school & education buildings until today. With nearly 40 schools in the Kocaeli region, our students will continue their education and training life in more robust and insulated structures. Along with many kindergartens, Gümüşhane High School, Gümüşhane Imam Hatip High School, 10 schools across Bitlis are among the prefab school & education buildings that Karmod completed and brought to education. Also, prefabricated school buildings were preferred in the school solutions of the 1884 housing giant project, which was established by Karmod in a record period of 7 months in the cities of Baghdad and Kut, the capital of Iraq. You can browse dozens of projects that we take part in with our quality and safe structures on our website, you can contact us for detailed information.