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Container Restaurants

Because of its elegance and ease of installation, container restaurants are popular everywhere around the world. From the kitchen to the dining hall, Karmod modular container restaurants have every facility you need. Dishwashers, washbasin units, storerooms, dining halls, food distribution compartments and similar sections are constructed in our Karmod food container for restaurant models according to international requirements. When determining the location of the tables, the ventilation and heating systems, and other factors within the bounds of international standards, we consider the experiences of your customers and employees.

Container Offices
Container Offices
Flat Pack Container
Flat Pack Container
Custom Container
Custom Container

Karmod also considers working health. We plan the infrastructure in the most secure way in accordance with the OHSAS laws. As Karmod, we have proven our reliability with our international certificates and our past experiences. With quick, high-quality service and commitment to strict moral and HSE standards, we have faith in our values and mission.

Container Restaurant Design

Karmod container restaurants have vast range of container designs and a rich catalogue. You can find the best container restaurant that suits you. We provide dining hall containers that can accommodate a sizable number of guests. If you wish to start a small sized buffet, a take-out cafe or a street food vendor business, we have small container restaurant designs in our rich catalogue to help you stand out and start off your business quickly. Varying sizes from small to large, we also have outdoor containers that are extremely practical for rural places. Outdoor containers may be the best solution for your restaurant as conventional building methods may be difficult in some terrains. Additionally, since a container construction can be completed quickly, it is the perfect option for emergency scenarios like refugee camps and camps in disaster zones. As Karmod, we respond to your needs with the most convenient solution as possible.

Portable Office Container K 1001Container Offices
Portable Office Container K 1002Container Offices
Portable Office Container K 1003Container Offices

Furthermore, our outdoor containers are made of durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that your investment is long-lasting. With our expertise in container construction, we can customize the containers to fit your specific requirements and create a functional space for your business or organization.

Shipping Container Restaurant

We are shipping container restaurants for an affordable price with high quality, to anywhere around the globe. We provide fast shipping and quick assembly to any place, whether it’s a rural setting or an urban location. One of the best advantages of choosing container buildings for a restaurant is its swift installation and its wide customizability. With our quick shipping and fast service, we will give you the quickest installation possible, and with our extensive catalogue, we will do our best to meet your needs.

Flat Pack Container K 1001Flat Pack Container
Flat Pack Container K 1002Flat Pack Container
Flat Pack Container K 1003Flat Pack Container

Storage Container Restaurant

With its unique look and practicality, storage containers are the one of the best choices for small businesses. Storage containers are usually built for industrial practices, which makes them have a unique appearance. In addition, most of the storage containers don’t need any assembly, being shipped as whole. Meaning, choosing a storage container for a food business may be the quickest solution, even faster than other prefab buildings. With enough decoration, you can make your building pop up more than many cafes or restaurants thanks to storage container’s distinct character.

As Karmod, we are providing maximum space utilization and working efficiency in your container restaurant business. We have a professional team to plan and equip your restaurant with the latest technology. To give the staff the best functionality, we use industrial planning tools to provide the best efficiency possible.

Custom Container 350x1000 cmCustom Container
Custom Container 350x1200 cmCustom Container
Custom Container 400x1200 cmCustom Container

Karmod cares about you, your workers, and your customers. We follow international OHSAS laws in our prefab buildings to reduce the risk of hazards to minimum. Our professional staff work continuously to provide you the safest product possible at all times.

Restaurant Take Out Container

Take-out restaurants and cafes are becoming popular each day. Coffee, dessert, street food shops are the best examples for using container restaurants. With Karmod container restaurants, you can have a take-out food service for a little price, in any size you prefer. For large sized take-out food businesses, we provide large container restaurants up to 3 floors that can host many guests. We provide small container restaurants, storage container restaurants that are most fit for take-out food shops. They are also highly customizable, allowing you to design your restaurant according to your preferences and branding. Your very own container will be shipped and installed quickly to begin your take-out food business.

In order to improve both your working environment and the experience of your customers, our skilled team will arrange the space in the most effective way possible. Your container restaurant will be built safely, with the newest technology, to reduce risks and increase productivity.

Container Restaurant for Sale

The best solution to your culinary business, we have container restaurants for sale. We provide the best prices, premium materials, quick shipping, and customer loyalty while adhering to our guiding principles. Anywhere around the globe, we are shipping container restaurants. Our professional teams quickly deliver our prefab container restaurant buildings for assemble to our expert teams in your location. Once the assembly is finished, your container restaurant is ready for usage.

Our container restaurants are designed to be practical and sustainable, ensuring that you not only have a high-quality building but also have an efficient working environment. We also offer customization options to ensure that your container restaurant is unique and tailored to your specific needs.

Container Restaurant Price

As Karmod, we are shipping container restaurants for affordable prices with high quality materials and technology. With the ease of use and attractiveness, Karmod container restaurants are the best choice for your business plans. The quickest and the most economical solution for any food facility, we are shipping container restaurants for sale to any location around the world.

When compared to restaurants constructed using conventional building methods, Karmod container restaurants can be very cost-effective. In terms of design, Karmod container restaurants may be difficult to tell apart from concrete buildings. We are shipping the container restaurants at a low cost for a quick development plan.

Container Restaurant

Container Restaurant Plan

Karmod has a professional staff to plan your container restaurant’s layout to maximum efficiency. To give your customers the greatest possible experience and your team the best possible functionality, we follow to industry standard guidelines. We will exploit every space possible to give you the capacity needed and make enough room for comfort.

We provide container restaurants in any size. If your desired restaurant’s size is small, we recommend storage containers for your business. Storage container restaurants have a quite unique look and provide enough space to prepare food or brew coffee. Also, storage containers are the best choice for take-out restaurant businesses. We will plan your storage container restaurant to maximum space utilization and working efficiency possible to provide the best working conditions.

Container Restaurant Images

Karmod has a wide variety of professional designs that you can have a look. We have real life photos in our gallery to reflect the reality and show you the experiences we had. Many use cases and variability of our solutions can be seen in the gallery. Our container restaurants are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and functional. They are perfect for those who want to start a food business or expand their existing one in a cost-effective way. From rural to urban settings, Karmod has proven its quality and reliability in every case possible. We have a rich catalogue that will fit right into your recreational desires.