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Exploring fast and effective containerized housing options for construction workers is essential when working on large-scale engineering projects. Especially in construction, mining, oil and gas and other industries, time is money. This is why containerized accommodation is very common. We can provide your camp with laundry rooms with washing and drying equipment in addition to accommodation, toilets and site offices. We can also provide additional supporting facilities such as mobile storage units, kitchens, restaurants and staff canteens.

Karmod modular accommodation container units is widely used in various sectors. We have more than a decade of experience in the container home industry and have a full staff that can meticulously oversee every step from R&D to installation.

Every time we start a new project, we assign our best experts for the job. We put all our efforts into making sure it can meet the customer's needs and, more importantly, knowing that it will reflect our brand and quality. As a result, a large number of customers and companies are satisfied with our service.

Container Accommodation for Sale

If you have ever traveled to a mining town experiencing rapid growth and tried to rent a house or get a room in a motel or campground, you will understand why portable housing containers are so popular. Remote areas are even more challenging. By visiting a remote mine or construction site, you can witness first-hand the difficulties such businesses have in finding accommodation for their employees.

Housing is always a crucial factor as workers need somewhere to eat, sleep, wash and relax. This becomes even more important to consider when the worksite needs to be relocated or is only operational for a short period of time. When additional accommodation is required on site, portable accommodation containers are a great and adaptable portable accommodation alternative.

Accommodation Container House

Karmod manufactures modular containerized housing modules for both industrial and domestic use. Also, worker housing, emergency housing, student housing, residential camps, oil and gas, mining and hospitality are excellent uses for Karmod accommodation containers. Modular container accomodation can be used for various structures including container accomodation office buildings, dormitory structures, refugee camps, military camps, temporary homes, logistic base camps, modular hospitals and multi-storey modular hotels. We also offer a variety of event containers that can be used as bars, cafes, cafeterias, ticket booths and more.

Let Karmod help you create a modern, practical workstation. Thanks to our outstanding technological design and manufacturing know-how, your container office will be a cost-effective, convenient solution with high standards.

Our flat pack containers are designed to be mobile, making them perfect for short-term or permanent portable housing options.

The portability of container modules is another advantage. We provide specialized equipment (skid-mounted containers or trailer-mounted containers) to the mining, oil and gas industries. The steel skid base of our container modules gives them mobility. A main skid can also be used to transport 3 fully built parts in a single vehicle.

Office Accommodation Container

Please let us know if a normal storage container accomodation office is not enough for your needs. In many of Karmod's containers it is possible to make modifications such as adding opening doors, turbine or electrical grille, ceiling lighting, electrical outlets and even an equipped bathroom. You can bring it directly to you and install it according to your individual needs as we have an office nearby.

Container Student Accommodation

Student dormitories can be built anywhere in the world for 1000 or more students in the desired conditions. We develop dormitories suitable for the specified number of students and offer them to you.

Our container dormitories can go up to the 4th floor within the desired deadlines and can be as wide as desired. From the outside, one can recognize the functionality of the containers used to construct these buildings.

With the interior decorations, you will never realize that you are staying in a container. A feature of the apartments are the large windows, which provide optimal ventilation and allow natural light to penetrate the space. The apartments can have a fully equipped kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

The shortage of cheap housing in this part of the country is the main obstacle for new residents and students. This is one of several large-scale initiatives that will hopefully change this decisive direction.

Container Accommodation for International Students

Foreign students continue to love Karmod dormitories. We hope that we can meet the growing demand for housing for foreign students in the scale and size you want. We make every effort to assist in finding housing and to expand the possibilities for international students. The common goal is to find at least 500 and perhaps up to 1000 student rooms.

Modular Accommodation Container

Thanks to horizontal connections, accommodation container lodgings can be combined into a larger room to meet various purposes. It is a modular production product. Currently, most container houses are used on construction sites as communication clinics, emergency command centers, staff offices, student classrooms, entertainment rooms, conference rooms and army dormitories.

Accommodation Container Supplier

We always strive to be the best accommodation container supplier. That's why we are proud to see our products in more than 130 countries around the world.

Accommodation Container Factory

With our 30.000 m² production facilities, we produce the fastest and most reliable production while producing accommodation containers.

Temporary Living Accommodation Container Certification

We have all the necessary documents and certificates to produce the best container production. Click here to review them.