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Refugee Camp

As Karmod, we have developed turnkey accommodation solutions that are fit for each and every problem thanks to the years of experience we have gathered from our valued customers. This collective experience has allowed us to come up with the most practical solutions that require critical thinking in the shortest amount of time. However, with our skilled staff and ultime aim to lead this industry while putting the customer satisfaction above anything else, we have been able to also implement the latest technologies into our products to always provide the best service possible.

Since the earliest days, the concept of practical accommodation has come a long way. Nowadays, it is far more safe, possible and logical to use practical accommodation units, especially for mass housing. The concept of mass housing is generally a need for a much bigger problem, such as refugee problems. Especially in countries facing refugee problems, our camps are the most preferred solution. That is why our refugee camp in America and other parts of the world are so common to see. Thus, as Karmod, we have came up with world’s best modular refugee camps. These refugee camps are designed and manufactured to provide the most comfortable and quick accommodation solutions to a mass housing problem. As Karmod, we have been supplying modular refugee camps all across the globe. With Karmod Refugee Camp in America and Europe are being just a few examples.

Refugee Camp Definition

  The lexical meaning of refugee camp is, ‘’A temporary settlement built to receive refugees and people in refugee-like situations.’’ Meaning, they are large accommodation consisting of tents, containers, modular homes, etc.. in a large area to house a large number of refugees. In modern times, refugee camps are often built to last for a much longer time in accordance with needs. Especially in these situations, high-quality modular settlement units that need to last for a long time in large quantities are needed. As Karmod, we believe that we answer this need in the most professional manner compared to whole others that are in this business. Our modular housing units not only manufactured using highest-quality materials to last for a lifetime, but they are also comparatively more affordable than other modular structures that are available in the market today.

World Refugee Camps

Kenya Refugee Camp

  In these times, refugee camps are in demand all across the globe for various reasons. There are many projects made to answer these needs. However, most of these projects tend to be not enough either in terms of quality, which causes disorganization and trouble around the refugee zone. With Karmod modular structures, however, you will never have this problem.

With our collective experience and professional staff, our modular buildings are designed in a professional factory environment to provide the highest-quality, durable and affordable accommodation units. As in whole across the world, Karmod modular structures are also used in Kenya. Kakuma refugee camp and Dadaab refugee camp is one of the refugee camps that we have put per our customer’s requests. Karmod modular structures are not only preferred in Kenya but also throughout the world as well.

Kenya Refugee Camp

Thailand Refugee Camp

As Karmod, we are carrying out our projects in Thailand as well. On different cities of Thailand, we have established high-quality and durable refugee camps that are prepared with the each individual settler in mind. Our modular structures in refugee camps are designed and manufactured to provide the utmost comfort a quickly installed modular shelter can provide. They also include space for all the required installments that need to be made for a fully functioning modular shelter completely habitable for long-term.

Syria Refugee Camp

Our buildings in refugee camps can also be seen in Zaatari refugee camp in Syria as well. Our practical accommodation solutions are quickly deployed from our warehouses to be installed on the Zaatari refugee camp after requested.

The practical accommodation solutions of ours are installed on-site without requiring heavy-duty equipment or high-power tools. They only need to be erected using the bare minimum tools. In spite of that, they are prepared very quickly. They are also built without causing much disturbance around the area especially compared to the noise that caused by erecting traditionally made buildings.

Sudan Refugee Camp

Karmod Modular Buildings can also been seen all around Sudan refugee camps. They are transported to Sudan after the request of our clients in a short amount of time. Especially considering how much time it takes to transfer the materials needed to erect a permanent building in residences such as refugee camps that require the quickest solutions, we can safely say that Karmod Modular Buildings were the right choices for refugee camps in Sudan.

Sudan Refugee Camp

Nepal Refugee Camp

As Karmod, our works can be seen in Nepal as well. Our modular buildings were a significant part of the Bhutanese refugee camp project. In Bhutanese refugee camp, our settlement units are carried out to their designated locations and quickly installed, ready to be used by incoming refugees. Their whole interior, exterior and installment places are done professionally in our factories before the delivery.

These specially produced accommodation units were also tested before delivery to measure their endurance. So that the families inside may settle down comfortably, without worrying the safety of their shelter.

US Refugee Camp

In the near past, Karmod was playing a key role in the refugee camp project in US. Our buildings are firstly designed in accordance with our clients’ requests and manufactured in a professional factory setting. After that, they are sent to the designated location via sea and airway.

Refugee Camp

Uganda Refugee Camp

Refugee settlements in Uganda are also surrounded by Karmod Modular Buildings. Shortly after our customers' request, they are quickly transported to Uganda. We can confidently say that Karmod Modular Buildings were the appropriate choices for refugee camps in Uganda, especially in light of how long it takes to transport the supplies needed to construct permanent structures in dwellings like refugee settlements which demand fastest solutions.

Bangladesh Refugee Camp

We are also working on our initiatives in Bangladesh. We have created high-quality, long-lasting refugee camps throughout Bangladesh that are designed with the needs of every single resident in mind. We produce and plan our modular buildings to offer the highest level of comfort a rapidly installed modular shelter can offer in refugee camps. Additionally, they have room for all the installations needed to create a modular structure that is fully functional and long-term livable.

Bangladesh Refugee Camp

Greece Refugee Camp

Our modular buildings are designed in a professional factory setting with the help of our combined experience and qualified staff to offer the highest-quality, long-lasting, and reasonably priced housing units. Karmod modular structures are also used in Greece as well, just like the rest of the globe. Not only in Greece, but all over the globe, Karmod modular structures are favored.

Refugee camps are in high demand right now for a variety of causes worldwide. Numerous initiatives have been created to address these requirements. However, the majority of these initiatives frequently lack quality as well, which leads to chaos and trouble in the refugee area. However, you won't ever experience this issue with Karmod modular constructions.

African Refugee Camp

Our practical accommodation options can be set up on-site without the use of powerful tools or heavy machinery. The bare minimum of tools are all that are required to construct them. Despite this, they prepare themselves very rapidly. In addition, they are built quietly, particularly when compared to the noise that traditional buildings' construction causes in the neighborhood.

Afghanistan Refugee Camp

Karmod was recently playing a significant part in the Afghanistan refugee camp project. Our buildings are first planned in accordance with the requests of our customers and then produced in a skilled factory environment. They are then transported by sea and air to the specified place after that. Lastly, they are installed on site with the help of our professional staff already present at the location, before the arrival of the delivery.

Temporary Refugee Camps

All in all, we can safely assume that refugee camps can play a significant role in many factors. That is why, they need to have certain qualifications. Otherwise, they might become a trouble to deal with, yet alone a solution. That is why it is very important to choose the right settlement unit wisely and consult professionals in this field. With that, as Karmod, we are always ready to help.

Ukrainen Refugee Camp

Temporary Refugee Camps Frequently Asked Questions