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Two Storey Prefab Housing 126 m²

  • Saloon 30 m²
  • Entrance 18 m²
  • Bedroom 5 m²
  • EntrancePatio 8 m²
  • Wc 4 m²
  • Bathroom 6 m²
  • Balcony 4 m²
  • Bedroom 16 m²
  • Bedroom 10 m²
  • Bedroom 12 m²
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Innovative and Sustainable Best Low Cost Prefab Housing

Karmod Prefabricated Housing Technologies was founded on fundamental principles including such, client satisfaction, reliability, environmentalism, and creativity. Since 1986, we have provided our clients with the most efficient accommodation options available on the market. We have also been able to explore and incorporate the latest innovations this period has to offer into our vast range of housing options thanks to our experienced R&D staff. Our practical lodging options, which range from the low-cost prefabricated housing solutions and modular homes to offices and kiosks, are created with Karmod knowledge and produced to deliver the most comfortable, contemporary, and dependable accommodation solution conceivable.

Easy-to-Build, Low Cost Prefabricated Housing

Karmod's low-cost prefabricated housing options are inspired by nature's tranquility and quiet. The low-cost prefabricated housing options are a great way to escape the chaos of large cities. Our small prefab houses, which feature many advantages thanks to the high-quality materials used in the production process, allow you to be close to nature while yet giving a comfortable living environment. The greatest low-cost prefabricated housing options are also affordable, portable, flexible, sturdy, trustworthy, and long-lasting practical low-cost prefabricated housing options that are frequently utilized as holiday homes. They can be simply moved from one area to another and erected quickly because to the high-quality materials utilized. They can also survive the toughest weather conditions, have their whole interior or exterior completely renovated on demand, be used without concern for a lifetime, and have a substantially cheaper price than other low-cost prefabricated housing options and traditionally made dwelling units available on the market today. As Karmod, we understand how difficult it may be to find the ideal low-cost prefabricated housing options to get away from the city noise. That is why we build the world's most dependable, sustainable, high-quality, and low-cost prefabricated housing alternatives.

Low Cost Prefabricated Housing Project

As Karmod, we make sure that our prefabricated housing offer a more sustainable often more low cost, alternative. Our low-cost prefabricated housing options are also designed to be light weight, low cost, fire proof, moisture proof, sound proof prefab housing. They are produced in the Karmod’s most advanced factories and delivered to the desired location via sea or land transportation systems. They are also erected very easily in a short span of time. For more information about our low-cost prefabricated housing options and other products, please contact us.

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