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Steel Office Building in the Historical Haliç Shipyard

Porpuse Of Use Business Administration
Building Model Light Steel System
Number Of Buildings 1 Block Two-Storey
Total Area 1600 m²
Project Year 2022
Region To Be Used Beyoğlu , Istanbul , Turkey
Completion Time 33 Days
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We took our place in the historical Golden Horn Shipyard

We have built an office building in the historical Haliç Shipyard, where the General Directorate of City Lines Operations affiliated to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality provides ship maintenance and repair services.  Light steel construction system was preferred in the construction of the two-storey office with a total size of 1600 m2. The office building is being used by the shipyard's operating manager. The important advantage of the building model is the completion of a long-lasting building of this size, fully compatible with the historical texture, in a short time like 33 days.  Moreover, this period includes the production and field assembly process.  The post-production office building was completed in less than twenty days at the historic Golden Horn shipyard.

Preserving the historical texture that is steel office

The light steel structure system was the best choice in order not to damage the historical texture of the shipyard.  From the field installation to the ready-to-use presentation, full protection was provided to the historical texture with the office building.  However, it is impossible to realize this protection with the reinforced concrete system, which is one of the classical building models.  Establishing a reinforced concrete office building requires a solid foundation suitable for it, in the first place.  Digging a foundation in the Golden Horn shipyard would have destroyed the historical fabric in the first place.  All the iron and concrete buried in the ground would cause serious irreversible deformation.  The steel structure system does not need foundation excavation and concrete pouring as in classical reinforced concrete buildings.  For this reason, the steel structure system is the best building solution that can be preferred in the historical areas under protection.

With this project, Karmod demonstrated its expertise by doing business in different fields the best way in building construction in historical areas.  Before the Haliç shipyard management building project started, the expectations and demands of the enterprise were listened to.  After the necessary notes were taken, the first version of the project was shaped with the work of the Karmod technical team.  After the architectural project was evaluated both in terms of plan and appearance, the production phase of the building was reached.  It was an important issue which was planned by making field investigations in the historical area and reviewing how the logistics and installation would also be done before the production.  Preliminary planning also proved beneficial in field setup.  The installation of the building was carried out professionally without harming the general silhouette and texture of the historical Golden Horn shipyard.

What's in the Haliç Shipyard Operation Headquarters Service Building?

The steel office building, which was specially designed for the shipyard, contains all the areas needed by the operational management.  There are two separate entrances on the ground floor.  When you enter through the main entrance door, you can go to the working rooms of the administrative staff on the upper floor.  The other door is reserved for the staff cafeteria.  In the dining hall, there is a luxurious lounge where 200 people can dine at the same time, together with the kitchen section.  The refectory overlooks the shipyard garden and is fully illuminated.  According to the entrance direction, on the left part of the ground floor of the building, changing rooms were located.  There are toilet and shower units in some of the dressing rooms.

Living history from Tersane-i Amire to Haliç Shipyard

The shipyard was first built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1455 and was put into service under the name of Tersane-i Amire. The historical texture has been preserved to a large extent until today. Today, it is known as the Golden Horn Shipyards and includes the Golden Horn, Camialtı, Taşkızak shipyards. Haliç Shipyard, which has maintained its architectural and commercial characteristics since the 15th century, is among the important cultural values of our country.

Haliç Shipyard, operating since 1455, has the title of the oldest living shipyard in the world. Located on the historical peninsula in the Kasımpaşa district of Istanbul's Beyoğlu district, the Golden Horn Shipyard has an area of 70 decares. The dock of the shipyard is 475 meters, with 3 stone pools, 2 shipbuilding slipways, and it is one of our important heritages that has been living with its contribution to the industry since 1455.

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