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Sultangazi Primary and Secondary School

Porpuse Of Use Primary and secondary school building
Building Model Steel System
Number Of Buildings 1 block (2 floors)
Total Area 1.960 m²
Project Year 2019
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 72 Days
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We Completed the First Steel School Building in 72 Days Made with Turkey’s Earthquake Regulations

As Karmod, we completed and delivered the high earthquake resistant steel school building in a short span of time 72 days. The school with 19 classrooms has become the first Steel School built in accordance with the latest Earthquake Regulation in Turkey.

In this school built in Yayla Neighborhood of Sultangazi District of Istanbul, students and teachers started to experience the happiness of being educated in a building with high earthquake safety. The school building, which has high building security, was designed with a steel construction system with the expertise of Karmod. The 1,960 square meter school building, which was pre-produced in modern facilities using new generation construction technologies with a good organization, was sent to the site where the school project will be built. Steel school building with 19 classrooms was built ready-to-use as a two-storey building in a record 72 days with the coordination of our technical office and construction site installation teams.

The building, named Nadide Ahmet Tütüncüoğlu by the Governorship of Istanbul, operates as a primary and secondary school. The construction process of the school is as follows; When the additional building located in the garden of Hamit Süreyya Eremsel School was too damaged to be unusable, it was taken into the risky building category and the Sultangazi District Governorship decided to demolish the building. As the risky building demolished at the beginning of the new school year, a new school building was urgently needed. With the approval of Sultangazi Municipality, the construction work of the new school building was handed over to Karmod. Karmod, which planning production and installation with its expertise in steel structure system buildings in the education industry, has delivered the school before the end of half of the first semester. The fact that a safe building of this size could be completed in a short time was welcomed, especially by parents whose children are studying at other schools.

The building, which was built with a steel construction system in accordance with the latest Earthquake Regulation, was almost equipped with a steel system and a high security school was created.

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