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Tebessüm Association Central Office Building

Porpuse Of Use Humanitarian Aid Association Head Office
Building Model Light Steel System
Number Of Buildings 2 Block
Total Area 230 m²
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 37 Days
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We built a steel office building in 37 days for the Humanitarian Aid Association

We have established an office building for the Tebessüm Association, which works to eliminate poverty and contribute to the provision of social justice in Turkey and in the world. The building within the scope of the project, in which the light steel system building model was preferred, was completed in 37 days and put into service of the organization. The 230 m² building started to be used as the central service office building of the association.

In the widest interior steel office buildings

Office buildings built with light steel system stand out with their spacious interiors. With its wide and spacious space presentation, it makes the best contribution to the ergonomics of use. Wide space presentation is an important advantage of the building model. The most important reason for this is that the main carriers that provide the structural safety of light steel system buildings are provided with steel system metals. Steel metals take up very little space with their high strength. Giant columns and beams, which are essential for building safety in classical reinforced concrete building models, are not needed in the steel system. While this situation is reflected in the interior as an extra width, it gives comfort to the employees in the office.

When you enter the central office building of the Smiling Association, which is installed on the ground floor of 115 m², the spacious interior environment is immediately noticed on both floors. The office building is entered by opening the automatic door, passing through the veranda integrated with the balcony at the top. The wide corridor separating the study rooms from the left and right continues in the direction of the entrance until the staircase behind the building. On the right side of the entrance, there is the humanitarian aid staff study room. On the right side to the back, the humanitarian aid management room was located. The left part of the entrance is reserved for the kitchen section. In this direction, the middle part was prepared as a masjid. On the ground floor, on the left side, there are male and female WC units and washbasins.

Access to the upper floor is via the steel-framed and wood-clad staircase located at the end of the corridor. This floor is used as the administrative part of the Association. In addition to 3 separate study rooms on the upper floor, there is a large meeting room approaching 40 m² on the part facing the front. Again, the balcony located at the front is given a pass from both the meeting room and the executive room. There is another toilet unit on this floor.

High building safety and long life steel structure system

The use of main carrier steel in steel structures continues in wall carcasses as well. In classical reinforced concrete style buildings, construction materials such as bricks are used, while steel structure walls are prepared using safe but light steel mesh. This situation significantly reduces the total weight of the light steel system structures of the building. While steel system buildings have an excellent strength in terms of building safety, the life of the structure is extended with the use of non-wearing steel materials.

A humanitarian helping hand from Turkey to the world

The Tebessüm Association has determined its mission as working to eliminate poverty and contribute to the provision of social justice in Turkey and in the world. In this direction, it aims to provide timely and adequate support to people and families in real need. The association has a goal of improving the awareness of social assistance among young people.

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