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Istanbul Governorship Information Technologies Branch Office Building

Porpuse Of Use Computing
Building Model Light Steel Structure System
Number Of Buildings 1 - Two-Storey Block
Total Area 118 m²
Project Year 2020
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 22 Days
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IT building in Istanbul, one of the biggest metropolises of the world

Istanbul ranks 13th in the list of the world's most populated cities. The Governorship of Istanbul is responsible for the administration of this huge metropolitan city. Crowded cities cause many security problems as a situation brought by the population. For this reason, it is very important to manage the information security of metropolitan cities such as Istanbul. In addition to millions of people living in the city, many visitors enter and exit the city daily. A large number of daily visitors flow to the city both from home and abroad for tourism and commercial reasons. In this lively environment, an IT building was built in order to conduct the city's information and security in a safer environment.

Steel system office in accordance with the concept of historical space

The carcass system light steel structure model was used in the building, which was specially built for the use of the Istanbul Governorship Information Technologies Branch with the expertise of Karmod. The installation of the building was carried out in the garden of the historical Istanbul Governor's Office, which is located on the historical peninsula, close to Eminönü, Hagia Sophia and Sultanahmet. Your building was established in an inconspicuous area in the garden. Thus, a quiet working environment independent of the main building was created for an important department such as IT. The Istanbul Governorship Information Technologies Branch Office was built on a 59 m2 basic ground with two floors. The same floor area was preserved on the upper floor, and the total area of the building was 118 m2.

Ease of construction in narrow spaces with steel system

The area allocated for the steel system computing building in the garden of the Istanbul Governor's Office was quite narrow. Steel structures, which can be manufactured as pre-production with the demountable system, can be assembled with easy installation even in narrow spaces. Both the shipment and field installation of Karmod steel structures, whose pre-production is carried out with bolt, nut and plug-in system without using any welding, becomes extremely easy. In steel buildings, all areas from wall to roof are braided with steel systems. There is no need for applications such as bricks in classical reinforced concrete structures in steel structures. Steel wall carcasses are filled with insulation materials and also serve as bricks.

What is in the IT building?

A narrow front entrance was given to the IT building. On the ground floor, there are two separate sections where there is a transition from room to room. The front part of the rooms is reserved for the study room. The room at the back is dedicated to the use of the system room. In the system room, air conditioning systems were installed with special installations in order not to be affected by summer and winter climatic conditions. In both rooms, 4 separate lighting fixtures were placed on the ceiling. From the ground floor to the upper floor, it is possible to reach the upper floor by using the steel system wood-clad staircase designed from the inside. This floor was designed as two rooms that are intertwined again. These rooms serve as study rooms for the personnel working in the IT unit.

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