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Istanbul Police Department - Riot Police Department - Police Unit Office Building

Porpuse Of Use Police Unit Building
Building Model Light Steel System Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 79 m²
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 17 Days
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Special Office for the Riot Police Mounted Police Unit

We have delivered a special steel office building for the use of the Police Mounted Unit affiliated to the Riot Department of the Istanbul Police Department. The steel office building, which was designed specifically for the union, was completed in just 17 days. The office was established in the region where Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli and Mimar Sinan City Forests are located, called Sultangazi City Forests. The office building, which is offered to the use of the 9-horse police within the body of the Istanbul Police Department, has a size of 79 m2. The mounted policemen working together contribute to city security by patrolling the forested areas, touristic areas and beaches.

Steel Office becomes Home to Mounted Union

Mounted Union which provides security in areas closed to vehicle entrance, especially in forests, touristic squares and beaches, is preparing for the task in the steel office. A special place has been reserved for the Mounted Unit in the Sultangazi City Forest. In this area, there is the steel office building and the horse farm building where the feeding, care and training of the horses are carried out.

In the construction of the office building, which was built right next to the farm, a light steel structure system with high security and fast installation was used. The steel building, whose pre-production was carried out with technological manufacturing at Karmod facilities, was loaded on a single vehicle and shipped to the allocated area in the Sultangazi City Forest (TRde hata: Suhtangazi Şehir Ormanı). The general installation of the steel building, which has a completely bolt-nut and plug-in system, was completed in 12 days. In the office building, where a high insulation and jointed coating system is preferred on the exterior, the interior and exterior painting was completed in 5 days with these applications.

When you enter the Atlı Birlik office building, there is a 23 m² study room on the far right. Right next to it, there is a rest room of 18 m². The team working at an intense pace can rest in this section alternately. There are 9 m² kitchen area and male and female toilet units in the office.

Forest and tourism areas of Istanbul, where vehicles are not allowed, are entrusted to the Mounted Police

In 2018, the Mounted Police Group Supervisor was established within the scope of the Riot Police Department of the Istanbul Police Department. Since then, mounted police have been performing duties in the security of the city forests of Istanbul, where there is no vehicle entrance, the Sultanahmet and Taksim Squares, which stand out with tourism, and the beaches. The police mounted unit contributes greatly to the prevention of social events with its patrol services.

The personnel serving in the Mounted Police Unit undergo basic horse riding and advanced riding training. After the training is given, the Police Mounted Units in certain duty areas are started to work. The training of these personnel, who have a special duty, is given at the Mounted Police Group Headquarters in cities such as Antalya and İzmir. The personnel who complete the 4-month riding training period start their duty in the Mounted Police Unit.

According to the Mounted Police Unit in the Sultangazi City Forest, which is built on 7 acres, 9 personnel start their day by grooming their horses on the farm next door. Here, the cavalry police both train and care for the horses. They train the horses in a sound and smoke bomb environment to adapt to the environment in the away missions. The horses, who are trained with their real riders, are accustomed to possible interventions in social events. The mounted unit also performs duties in the fight against forest fires along with the general public order.

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