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ISFALT General Directorate of Technical Affairs

Porpuse Of Use Technical Affairs Assistant General Manager Building
Building Model Light Steel System
Number Of Buildings 1 Block Two-Storey
Total Area 876 m² (110 person)
Project Year 2022
Region To Be Used Üsküdar, Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 49 Days
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ISFALT Technical Affairs Assistant General Manager building

We have completed a new office project for ISFALT (Istanbul Asphalt Factories Industry and Trade Inc.), one of the subsidiaries of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.  The steel office installed in the Üsküdar campus of the institution serves as the Technical Affairs Assistant General Manager building.  As Karmod, we have also completed the construction of the second service building for ISFALT after Maltepe.  The building was planned as a double storey and has a size of 876 m2.  Factory pre-production of the office building was completed in 17 days with the use of new generation technologies in Karmod's modern facilities. The field construction period of the building was completed in a short time like 32 days. This period includes interior and exterior paint applications.

The best in Steel Structure system with full building security

The steel structure model, which is completely framed with steel systems from wall to roof, together with all carriers, constitutes the best model in terms of building safety.  For this reason, structures built with the steel structure model are especially preferred in luxury office solutions.  Along with the building safety, the fast production and on-site installation offered by the model are also an important advantage.  In this respect, steel structure system has an advantage that is difficult to reach compared to classical methods such as reinforced concrete.

Static applications of the steel structure system are extremely safe.  Since static calculations are performed by experts with the use of special software programs, errors are avoided.  In this program, just before the production at the project stage, the static risk elements of the building can be fully seen.  Errors are completely eliminated with the advantage of the program.  With the project approval, the building, which has passed the safety tests, is transferred to the production line.  Another important advantage of the production model is the sustainability of the program used in the project.  Production is carried out on highly technological lines with the use of state-of-the-art automated machinery.  All the details in the project can be examined in the production to a one-to-one extent.  The steel material is bent, shaped and cut in this line without any human interventions.  Up to the bolt holes, the process is completed on this line.  A result of error-free production is seen during the field installation.  Since the installation is carried out by combining the parts according to the production, the risk of assembly error is completely eliminated.  After the construction of the building, with the steel structure system, safe structures emerge.

Insulation in steel structures is also an important advantage.  While insulation cannot be applied between brick-like wall blocks used in classical buildings, ease of application in steel structures gives a great advantage.  Steel building wall blocks are surrounded by steels.  Insulation materials such as rock wool can be easily placed in the intermediate sections.  This situation turns into gain via energy saving during air conditioning.

What is in the ISFALT Technical Affairs Directorate Building?

There are many working areas in the ISFALT Technical Affairs Assistant General Manager building.  In addition to the Technical Affairs Assistant General Manager room in the building, Anadolu Application Manager, European Application Manager, Technical Affairs Manager, Technical Safety and Environment Manager, Technical Safety Chief, Tender and Technical Affairs Department, Final Account and Progress Payment Department (Final Account), Final Account and Progress Department (Progress Payment), Production Department, Technical Affairs Department halls.  The building also has a large meeting room, a system room and archive rooms.

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