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Fatih Fire Department Steel Security Building

Porpuse Of Use Security Building
Building Model Light Steel Structure System
Number Of Buildings 1 - Two-Storey Block
Total Area 48 m²
Project Year 2020
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 14 Days
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Special security building for the historical fire station

We built a private security office building for the historical building of the Istanbul fire department in Fatih. In the security office, where the light steel system building model is used, the building architecture suitable for the historical texture was especially applied. Sensitivity to space was the main element that stood out in the architectural style of the security structure. Care was taken to protect the plane trees in the building layout, which is located close to the road just in front of the historical main fire station. The building, which creates a beautiful style among the trees with its narrow arched windows, created a pleasant environment for the security team to work. Contribution to the aesthetics of the building was made with the parapet roof system.

Steel structure for security buildings

The safety structure, in which the light steel structure model is used, stands out with the robustness of the building. With its long-lasting durability, the new steel security office building has joined the years-defying stance of the historical fire station. The building in front of the Fatih Fire Department, the insurance of Istanbul's fire safety, was prepared with special equipment for security structures. Along with the special working area for the personnel who will work in the building, there is room for special equipment for security screening of those who will pass to the fire station. After the construction of the building was completed, the security detector and X-ray device were positioned inside the building.

The most compatible design with the historical concept is steel structures

Karmod expertise came to the fore in the design of the office where the security of the Istanbul Fire Brigade building was provided. Our project team, which completed the preliminary exploration scans in the area where the installation will take place, started to work on a building design that is compatible with the historical concept. The architectural design was carried out in a computer environment using special software programs. The advantages of the steel structure system, which will be produced in the design, were used to the fullest. Since the production of Karmod steel structures is carried out with the use of special technology, it provides great convenience to architectural detail solutions. The complexities that the classical reinforced concrete style building system can give to the historical texture are completely eliminated with the steel structure system. For this reason, the advantages of the steel structure system were freely used in the project. The design of the arch window system turned into pleasure with the confidence of the ease of production system. It is extremely important to preserve the historical concept even in a small building, even if it is 48 m². For this reason, the steel structure model provides a great advantage against risky building models in historical places.

The production of the Istanbul Fire Brigade Security Building, whose design was completed in full compliance with the historical concept, started immediately after the project approval. With the advantage of technology in Karmod's modern facilities, production can be carried out in one-to-one details with the project drawing. This advantage gives architects great confidence and freedom in their designs. Even the most intricate details can be obtained with one-to-one production on technological lines.

The security building, which was pre-production on the technological machinery line, was loaded on a single vehicle with all the building materials and shipped to the Fatih fire brigade. The 48 m² steel security building was completed at the end of 14 days and put into the service of the Istanbul Fire Department.

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