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Istanbul Bus Station Captain's Mansion

Porpuse Of Use Social Facility Building
Building Model Light Steel Structure System
Number Of Buildings 1 Two-Storey Block
Total Area 296 m2
Project Year 2020
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 29 Days
Currently 36 guests are viewing this project

Special 'Captain's Lodge' for Drivers at the Istanbul Bus Station

Bus drivers, who make long journeys in passenger transportation between cities, relieve their tiredness in the Captain's Lodge specially built for them. The building, which is designed with Karmod's expertise and installed on-site after production, sets a good example in the field. In this facility, which was specially built for drivers, the environment where they can relax in the best way has been prepared. With the Captain's Lodge, it is aimed to prevent driver-related accidents.

The best example for Captain's Lodge

The Captain's Lodge, which provides an opportunity to rest well for long-distance drivers, was built within the campus area of the Istanbul Bus Terminal, located in the Bayrampaşa district of Istanbul. The two-storey building, designed and built, is the first and exemplary project in its field, aimed at resting the drivers. According to the research results of long-distance bus accidents, the main reason for driver-related accidents occurs without adequate rest. The construction of the Captain's Lodge in a bus station of this size, where transportation to every province and region of Turkey is carried out, is a very meaningful project for the solution of the problem. Drivers who drive for hours on the long road from city to city have the opportunity to rest in this building, which has been specially equipped for them. In addition to the drivers, the assistants can benefit from the same opportunities.

Relaxing pleasure in a special building for drivers

The Istanbul Bus Terminal Captain's Lodge, designed as a two-storey project with Karmod's expertise, has a size of 296 m2. In the construction of the project, a light steel structure system with fast production and installation was used for high-rise safety. There is a separate entrance to the mansion from two floors. The upper floor of the building is reserved for a fully functional lounge. There is a canteen and a mini market. It is possible to enjoy tea and coffee in the private lounge for drivers. In the upper hall, there is a rest room with two separate toilet units.

The lower floor offers a complete relaxation pleasure with its equipment. When you enter from this floor, the left part is completely reserved for rest rooms. On the right side, there are toilets towards the front compared to the entrance. Shower areas where the 8 separate units are located at the back. The relaxation area consists of 3 separate rooms. The beds in the rooms are separated by movable partitions. Drivers and assistants, who are tired after a long journey, can change their clothes. In the rest rooms, they have the opportunity to sleep until the new departure times.

Clothes washing service is also offered to the drivers. After taking a shower after the expedition, they can have the staff wash their clothes. The drivers are extremely satisfied with the services in the building, where the cleanliness of the place is prioritized by the facility management. They specifically mention that this example should be continued with new projects in other cities they travel to.

Expressing his views during the commissioning of the Steel System Captain's Villa, Istanbul Bus Terminal Manager Fahrettin Beşli said, "We have a plan to increase the bed capacity by building a similar structure next to it, in case the capacity is not sufficient and exceeds, in case the need and demand increase." Beşli stated that they are trying to create the infrastructure that will eliminate all the possibilities that will cause the sector to be upset by the accident with the facility building constructed.

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