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İSFALT Anatolian Side Applications Directorate

Porpuse Of Use Applications Directorate Service Building
Building Model Light Steel System
Number Of Buildings 1 Block Two-Storey
Total Area 294 m²
Project Year 2022
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 23 Days
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Directorate Building out of Steel System for İSFALT

We built a steel office building for ISFALT (Istanbul Asphalt Factories Industry and Trade Inc.), one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.  The building installed in the company's service campus in Maltepe serves as the Anatolian Side Applications Directorate.  The steel office building, designed as a double storey, has a size of 294 m2. After the project approval, the office building, whose pre-production was completed in 9 days in Karmod modern facilities, was shipped to the institution's campus in Maltepe for installation. The building, the construction of which was started by professional assembly teams, was completed in a short period of 14 days and delivered.

Steel Office, the choice of office buildings with full earthquake safety

Steel system structures stand out with their high-rise building safety. With its pre-production innovative system, its construction can be completed within days. In the model, building safety is completely provided with light steel system carriers. The steel system covers the entire building, from the main carrier pillars to the wall blocks, from here to the pocket knife system. The steel system also provides great convenience to static applications. Since the design of the building is carried out with the use of special software programs, static calculations are also made in the same application. The static force and strength of the building to be manufactured before production is clearly revealed. Building safety occurs at the best level in steel structures, as the production is carried out on special technology machine production lines using the same program. Since the production is carried out exactly with the project, the building installation is completed perfectly. When steel buildings are installed, working areas with high building safety, long life and full earthquake resistance emerge. Due to this feature, the light steel structure model is preferred as a work office in many areas.

High insulation and energy saving in Steel Offices

One of the prominent features of steel frame system is its insulation advantages.  It is extremely suitable for building insulation applications, which are fully equipped with steel systems from wall to roof.  The wall blocks can be completely filled with insulating materials.  At the same time, it makes it very easy to apply extra insulation from the inside and outside.  For this reason, steel offices impress with their insulation performance.  In summer and winter, indoor air conditioning is carried out with minimum energy consumption.  Energy costs are reduced and it turns into savings in budgets.

ISFALT is the service face of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Since its establishment in 1986, ISFALT has had an important role in asphalt production, road construction, recycling and winter work.  With its function, the institution almost constitutes the service face of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.  For an institution that stands out in service to such a degree, the steel system Directorate building built by Karmod will have an important function.  The building built on behalf of ISFALT will serve as the Anatolian Side Applications Directorate.  Important activities such as asphalt paving, road maintenance and winter works on the Anatolian Side will be carried out from this central building.

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