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AFAD Coordination Center

Porpuse Of Use AFAD Tuzla Unit
Building Model Light Steel Frame System
Number Of Buildings 1 Block with Two-Storeys
Total Area 196 m² (27 Person)
Project Year 2022
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 21 Days
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AFAD Tuzla Coordination Center

As Karmod, we have undertaken another important project concerning public safety. We have completed and handed over the Tuzla Coordination Center building of the Disaster Emergency Presidency (AFAD). AFAD is the top public institution in this field, which ensures that the fight against natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and fires is carried out in coordination from a single center. Tuzla Disaster and Emergency Management Center will play an important role in the coordination of natural disasters from a single center and in the deliberate execution of disaster management throughout the district.

The fastest response after a disaster is possible with the best coordination.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires and landslides require good organization to eliminate or minimize the loss of life and property. For this reason, it is necessary to be prepared for disaster situations before natural disasters come. Thus, in the event of a disaster, the earliest intervention can be made. The building we established in Tuzla, located at the eastern end of Istanbul, one of the world's leading metropolitan cities, is extremely significant for disaster organizations. The AFAD Coordination Center building, which was built with two floors in full earthquake safety, was completed in just 21 days. It was put into service of disaster coordination in a short time. It was aimed to facilitate the coordination work of disaster team while internal areas organized within the scope of the project. Ergonomics of use was prioritized.

Disaster organization will be organized from a single center

In Tuzla Disaster and Emergency Management Center, it was aimed to coordinate possible disasters in a more organized way from a single center. Undoubtedly, interventions to disasters need to be done more consciously. This center will perform an important function during the preliminary disaster preparation period as well as during the disaster. In this center, disaster teams will meet periodically to obtain new information about the disaster. In normal periods, communication and organizational skills between the teams will be raised to the highest level with meetings.

Another important advantage is that Tuzla disaster coordination center is close to the top public administrations in the district. The center is very close to Tuzla District Governorship and Municipality buildings. It is located on the same campus. Proximity facilitates the participation of public personnel who are at the center of disaster organizations.s

Why are steel frame system buildings preferred for disaster organization structures?

Structures with steel frame system bring great advantages to office buildings with both building safety and ergonomics of use. The steel structure system is among the safest building models for protection against disasters such as earthquakes. With its interior ergonomics, it has a significant superiority with the widest space demonstration compared to building models such as classical reinforced concrete. Huge columns and beams are not needed in steel frame construction structures as in reinforced concrete. Structural safety in terms of static is provided by flexible but durable steel metals that take up very little space. This makes steel structures stand out in terms of indoor comfort. Considering all these important advantages, steel structures are especially preferred in office buildings.

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