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Prefabricated Refectory 89 m²

  • Height 250
  • Depth 773
  • Width 1202
  • M2 89
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Modular Buildings for Cafes, Restaurant & Bars

If you are ready to make your dream of opening a modular restaurant a reality, the most pressing issue you face is the start-up cost. Modular building technology is a construction model that will allow you to build buildings at much lower costs. Modular building construction is gaining popularity for use as restaurants, thanks to its lower cost. The modular restaurant definition can be used for many different modular building types. As Karmod, we offer cost-effective design and development services to create modular modular buildings for cafes, restaurants and bars. Modular construction is a great option for restaurants, cafes and other commercial applications and Enhance your park with a modular bar or restaurant building.

Prefabricated Modular Restaurant Buildings

As Karmod prefabricated technologies, we combine practicality with beauty in all our work. For over 36 years, we have served the world and helped realize countless projects with our practical, portable, low-cost products. However, we also design our products to be very durable and fully configurable to increase their use on construction sites. This means it can withstand the harshest environments and natural or man-made disasters, and the entire design can be customized on demand.

Modular restaurants are on the rise again, as the popularity of modular buildings has increased. Modular structures used in almost every sector also take their place in restaurant designs. When we talk about a restaurant, the word modular doesn't just mean portability. The fact that it can be found in a short time and the cost is low also provides an advantage in the restaurant sector.The portability of modular buildings also makes them preferred over permanent buildings because they can be easily moved from one place to another. Prefabricated modular restaurants, just like other prefabricated structures, are simple structures that are produced in a factory environment and transported to the desired location. When we look at the past of buildings with portable features, we encounter a colorful culture.

Karmod Modular Buildings for Cafes and Restaurants

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we attach great importance to keeping up with modern technologies. With our expert research and development team, we are working hard to apply new and innovative technologies to our products in order to expand our product range and improve our service understanding and thus improve as a whole. In addition, before starting our project, we take all humane and professional measures and take the necessary measures to minimize the noise and other pollution that we may cause in our environment.

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