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500 Seater Dining Hall

  • Capacity 500
  • Lenght 35.240 m
  • Width 8.985 m
  • Height 2.500 m +2.500 m
  • M2 634 m²
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Affordable Solution for Large-Capacity Dining Halls: Karmod's 500-Person Dining Hall

Karmod offers affordable and extensive dining hall solutions with its 634 m² 500-Person Dining Hall, ideal for large-scale projects and businesses with a large workforce. This modular dining hall stands out with its capacity to serve large groups at a reasonable cost. Equipped with high insulation properties for energy efficiency, this structure reduces operational costs and provides a comfortable dining area for your workers. Karmod efficiently meets your large-scale dining hall needs with economical solutions and quality.

Quick Assembly and Modular Convenience: Karmod's 500-Person Dining Hall

Karmod's 634 m² 500-Person Dining Hall provides quick solutions to your large-scale dining hall needs with fast production and assembly processes. Designed to meet the dynamic needs of businesses and organizations, this spacious modular dining hall can be made ready for use in a short time. Recognized as a reliable company, Karmod holds a leading position in the global market with references in 135 countries. This prefabricated dining hall facilitates serving meals to large groups and provides a dynamic work environment.

Serve Large Groups with Karmod: A Quality 500-Person Dining Hall

Karmod's 500-Person Dining Hall, with its 634 m² spacious area and modern design, enables you to serve large groups. Equipped with high-quality materials and an aesthetic design approach, this modular dining hall offers participants a comfortable and pleasant dining experience. As the most preferred brand, Karmod enhances the quality and image of your dining hall projects. This prefabricated dining hall solution provides an excellent starting point for large organizations and businesses to meet their dining service needs, maximizing the value of your long-term investment.

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