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Prefabricated Refectory 65 m²

  • Height 250
  • Depth 648
  • Width 1014
  • M2 65
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Modular Dining Facilities

As one of the world's leading prefabricated building companies, we've been combining simplicity and innovation for more than 30 years. With qualified staff and years of expertise, Karmod Prefabricated Technologies has been providing excellent housing solutions for a variety of applications all over the world. We use the best and longest-lasting materials at Karmod, resulting in durable and efficient final products. Thanks to our talented research and development personnel, we've also been implementing the latest advances that this time has to offer into our newest goods, while continually improving the old ones. We seek to maintain a mutually beneficial connection with our clients at all times, and we are always looking for ways to improve our service. Our solutions are all intended to cause little interruption at the installation site and do not require the use of any bulky tools or machines.

Practical and Affordable Dining Facilities

As Karmod, we empathize with our customers and design only the highest quality practical products that are in-line with our customers’ needs. Our modular dining facilities are no exception as well. They are one of the many on-site utilities we provide and their affordability and practicality are one of the main reasons why they are so preferred among other modular dining facilities available in the market today. As Karmod, we value quality above all else. That is why the design of our Modular Dining Facilities & Kitchens for Workforce Housing solutions to be the best in the market. We know how hard it can be to maintain a project or an accommodation of any size. Apart from the stress and the hard work, budget management can be especially hard. Providing site utilities for the project or operation site can be frustrating as well. Because the site utilities, such as modular dining facilities, found on the market are generally designed for short-time usage. Thus the quality drops significantly.

The Best Prefabricated Refectories on the Market

Prepare healthy and delicious meals with a modular commercial kitchen. Workforce Accommodations Offices Kitchen and Dining Recreation Facilities. They are reliable and very sustainable. Modular dining facilities are designed and manufactured in a professional factory setting and delivered to the desired location in a very short time. The installation process of modular dining facilities are also takes much less time compared to traditionally made buildings. They also do not produce any kind of waste or cause disturbance around the area during this process. For more information about our modular dining facilities, do not hesitate to contact us.

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