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Prefabricated Refectory 170 m²

  • Height 2,5 m
  • Depth 8,99 m
  • Width 18,93 m²
  • M2 170 m²
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Modern Portable Restaurant Buildings

As Karmod, we produce solutions for restaurant buildings that offer hygienic environments at international standards, from construction site complexes to schools, from hospitals to social facilities. You can choose from the plans of the prefabricated restaurant building according to the project, or you can send the most suitable project for your prefabricated facility and request it to be prepared. Our specialist portable restaurant buildings are ideal for retail, catering unit, modular kitchen, cafes & bars. Get in touch today to discuss your project

We can manufacture and construct the most suitable modular building for you. Prefabricated restaurant buildings give very efficient results in terms of sound and heat insulation. Sections such as cellars, dining halls and kitchens of portable restaurant structures, which are produced according to summer and winter weather conditions, are specially designed according to the number of users and needs. Our restaurant structures are used for many purposes in different locations.

Comfortable And Quality Restaurant Buildings

All of our prefabricated restaurant buildings have occupational health and safety standards, and each one has been specially designed for comfortable environments, considering the ergonomics of use. Regardless of the purpose, our portable restaurants welcome those who use the same comfort in each of them. In this respect, our new generation prefabricated restaurant buildings also function as a decent lounge rather than a business. There are many advantages of prefabricated structures for commercial uses as well. Of course, the most important factor for commercial buildings is the cost, and prefabricated structures are manufactured cheaper than their traditional counterparts thanks to special production technology. However, despite its lower cost, it can be used more efficiently than traditional structures thanks to its flexible structure. Prefabricated buildings, which can be produced in the desired design and cost, can also be built in the desired location.

Karmod Portable Restaurant Buildings

Another factor that reduces the cost is that the construction period is very short and requires very little labor. While a large team is required to construct traditional buildings, prefabricated buildings can be built in a very short time with a small team.

It is enough to specify where you will use it and how many people you need a restaurant building. Let us suggest the most suitable prefabricated restaurant structure for your project and budget with our Karmod expertise. We listen to you, understand your needs and recommend the most suitable building model and plan for your project. Work with us and let's build the future together.

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