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Barriere Hotel Cafeteria, Paris

Porpuse Of Use Kafeterya and Buffet
Building Model GRP Cabin
Number Of Buildings 1 Piece, 270x510
Total Area 14 m²
Project Year 2019
Region To Be Used Paris – France
Completion Time 14 m2
Currently 70 guests are viewing this project

CTP Cabin is the preferred choice for the Barriere hotel group's cafeteria in Paris.

The Barriere hotel group, one of the world's famous hotel operators, chose Karmod cabin buffets for their hotel in Paris, which were produced using CTP technology and placed in the hotel's garden for use as a cafeteria and buffet.

Karmod cabin stands out for its security structures and its use as a buffet

Its secure, modern, ergonomic, quick installation, and economic model have caught the attention of the Barriere group. The choice of Karmod CTP cabin is undoubtedly important, as it is also the choice of PSG's (Paris Saint Germain) football club for its store, and Europe's leading tour operator, FlixBus, for its ticket sales cabin. Karmod CTP cabin has become the choice for major brands in Paris due to its safe and practical structure for buffet use.

The cafeteria, located in the garden of Barriere Paris hotel and set up in a 270x510 cm cabin, started serving customers with a variety of food and drink offerings, creating an extra source of income for the hotel. The cabins, produced with new-generation technology in modern facilities, prepare healthy product sales areas with the buffet concept.

Buffet cabins offer the investor an opportunity to make an immediate profit anywhere in the world. They are preferred in every area, from restaurants to cafeterias, markets to buffets, and franchising sales points to store sales. Frenchizing business investors can start making a profit the same day by choosing Karmod CTP cabins for pizza or hamburger sales. Space rental and construction processes are left behind with CTP cabins, which can be transferred to different sales points when needed due to their mobile unit feature.

Sports clubs can easily bring their branded products, such as uniforms, to their fans by choosing buffet cabins. They can also easily carry out combined and ticket sales from these cabins. Store sales and ticket sales cabins can be placed around stadiums or city locations with a modern look. They can be easily transferred to areas where transportation is difficult for important matches, allowing for more fans to be reached. The CTP cabin's exterior shine also makes it easier to apply digital coating applications. Buffet cabins and store sales outlets can be easily covered with club corporate colors and logos.

Karmod cabin is the choice for famous brand's sales points. CTP-system cabins, which appeal to a wide range of usage needs, have entered the list of significant brand's buffet and store sales preferences throughout Europe with their spacious interior, ergonomic use, and aesthetic appearance.

They were preferred in the store sales outlets of famous football clubs such as PSG in France, Manchester United in England, and Barcelona in Spain.

The Karmod CTP system cabin stands out with its rot-proof, long-lasting durability, spacious interior use, and ergonomic design. Additionally, with its demountable feature, it provides ease of installation both during transportation and on-site. In this project in Paris, our 270x510 cm cabin was preferred, and the external metal frame was delivered along with the product, installed in just one day, and is now in service in one of the busiest areas of the capital city.

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