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Prefabricated Refectory 53 m²

  • Height 250
  • Depth 648
  • Width 1014
  • M2 53
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Construction Site Canteen - Modular Food Dining Halls

We produce solutions for cafeteria buildings that offer hygienic environments at international standards in accordance with all kinds of needs, from construction site complexes to schools, from hospitals to social facilities. You can choose from the prefabricated dining hall plans according to the project, or you can send the most suitable project to your prefabricated office and request it to be prepared. Prefabricated dining hall buildings are extremely efficient in terms of sound and heat insulation. Modular dining hall structures produced according to summer and winter weather conditions are specially designed according to the number of users. Our dining hall structures are preferred in many areas such as worker construction sites, schools, hospitals, social facilities, military structures. Do you need a temporary canteen, dining hall or restaurant? As Karmod we produce modular food halls, canteen buildings, school dining rooms and construction site canteens. With our expertise in prefabricated dining hall structures, you can order our most preferred models according to the number of people and personnel.

Comfort Of Use And İnternational Standards Together

All of our prefabricated dining hall structures comply with occupational health and safety standards, and each one of them has been specially designed for comfortable dining hall environments, considering the ergonomics of use. Whatever purpose it is used for, modular food dining halls have the same comfort. In this respect, our new generation prefabricated dining hall buildings also function as a decent resting room.

Specify the number of your staff and your needs, and we will build your dining hall for you. Let us suggest the most suitable prefabricated cafeteria structure for your project and budget with our Karmod expertise. As Karmod, we produce cafeteria structures starting from ten people to giant projects in which thousands of personnel are involved. Moreover, with the world's fastest production and installation speed prefabricated building system.

Karmod Modular Food Dining Halls

We listen to you, understand your needs and recommend the most suitable building model and plan for your project. With your approval of your project, Karmod production begins. The cafeteria project, each of which is prepared by designers who are experts in their fields, is starting to be produced in modern facilities with a new generation prefabricated building system supported by special software programs. Prefabricated structures that can be easily transported and built on site after they are produced and completed also require very little labor. f you want to build your cafeteria building with an environmentally friendly architecture, choose us.

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