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Bülent Börek's shop in Gökçetepe Natural Park

Porpuse Of Use Sales Buffet
Building Model New Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 24 m2
Project Year 2022
Region To Be Used Turkey
Completion Time 1 Days
Currently 66 guests are viewing this project

Exclusive burek sales point for Gökçetepe Natural Park

The easiest way to create kiosks and sales points without harming the environment in national and natural parks is to use Karmod's New Generation Container. Bülent Börekçilik, one of the recognized brands in the country for ready-to-eat food, opted for Karmod's Next Generation Container for the sales points it opened in national parks. The sales cabin was designed according to the product presentation concept and was placed inside Gökçetepe Natural Park.

The production of the sales cabin, designed and prepared in a special size of 3x8 meters, was completed within a few hours at Karmod's modern production center. The structure was loaded onto the vehicle and transported to the location reserved by the company inside Gökçetepe Natural Park, where it was placed on the same day and began to provide services. The sales unit, designed without the need for a concrete floor, was equipped with a special 20 cm high metal platform at the bottom. The structure was placed on this platform and installed without being affected by the unevenness of the ground. The sales cabin of Bülent Börekçilik in Gökçetepe Natural Park was designed according to the company's product presentation concept. A special system of motorized shutters was applied to the entrance areas and sales area window on the front facade. An aluminum door system was applied to the entrance of the structure. Both the interior and exterior of the structure were coated with digital applications according to the corporate brand. The standard height of the structure was also increased to 3 meters according to the concept.

Mobile container sales tents with a unique construction model for natural parks

Franchise system operating brands or private companies can easily open their businesses in national parks and natural parks with the new container model. The container mobile store concepts bring a safe and environmentally friendly solution to the problem of constructions in natural parks with their mobile unit feature. Customized mobile container sales points for your brand or business are produced with Karmod's experience in modern facilities.

Get your business up and running on the same day and start earning money immediately

Easily increase the number of sales points with container mobile structures produced ready for use and designed according to the brand concept. In addition, solve the problem of real estate development in national and natural parks in a practical and legal way. Activate your company in many natural parks in various cities of Turkey on the same day and earn money everywhere.

Where is Gökçetepe Natural Park?

Gökçetepe Natural Park is located within the boundaries of Keşan district of Edirne province, 30 km from the center of the district. Gökçetepe Natural Park was opened on July 11, 2011, in an area of ​​almost 5,000 hectares created in the natural area of ​​the region. It is located on the beaches of the Aegean Sea near one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Saros Bay. The park is a place where many activities can be carried out and is frequented by those who want to get away from the stress of the city. In addition to the possibility of accommodation in bungalows within the park, camping enthusiasts can also set up their own tents. Due to its proximity to the Saros Bay of the Aegean Sea, it is one of the few places where people can receive diving training. Paintball is one of the activities carried out in Gökçetepe Natural Park. Other activities in the park include Zipline, Survivor Adventure Park, Climbing Wall, Children's Play Area, Football Field, and Archery.

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