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Temporary Classrooms For Sale 272 m²

  • Height 25,0 m
  • Depth 10,14 m
  • Width 25,20 m
  • M2 272 m²
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Portable classrooms are ideal and low-cost solutions for classroom space needs. It is not possible to extend classes built using traditional methods. Expansion in these buildings requires the construction of a new building, which is a much more costly solution. However, it is not possible to take a break from education for such a long time. In such cases, education should be suspended completely, or students should be moved to another building. The quality of education is not sustainable in such situations in traditional school buildings. In order to ensure sustainability, students must continue their education in educational buildings without interruption.

Effective Solutions to Education Problems

Classroom space is also an important factor affecting the quality of education in educational buildings. Prefabricated school projects and modular structures are an ideal alternative to reduce the burden of educational institutions. Portable temporary classrooms can be installed in a short time and their costs are lower than traditional buildings. From this point of view, when an urgent educational building is needed, modular building technology responds. Building a traditional-style educational building is disadvantageous in many ways. Besides the lengthy construction process, a full-fledged construction site is required for a traditional-style construction. Of course, it is not possible to provide these conditions in the most education building. Even if traditional construction conditions are met, this reduces the quality of education. It is not possible to set up a construction site in all weather conditions and in remote areas. Structures such as portable classrooms provided by modular construction technology offer an excellent solution when a school building is needed.

Innovative and Comfortable Modular School Buildings

Even under favorable conditions, different problems arise in constructing a school building with traditional construction methods. Noise pollution and the presence of large vehicles negatively affect education in schools. Portable classrooms and temporary classrooms do not harm the environment and do not cause noise pollution. They are easy to install and can be delivered ready to use. It can be installed in the appropriate place according to the existing architectural plan of the school and can be added when necessary. Portable classrooms and temporary classrooms are designed to make learning comfortable, safe and enjoyable.

As Karmod, we understand the needs of our customers and work with our customers at all stages from design to installation. Tell us about the portable school building idea you need, and we'll find the best solution for you. We have been providing modular building services to projects around the world for over 35 years. We continue to build modern and sustainable structures with our experience in the industry. Work with us and let's build the future together.

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