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10 Classroom School

  • Classroom 10
  • Lenght 37.750 m
  • Width 26.555 m
  • Height 2.500 m
  • M2 656 m²
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Affordable Educational Solutions: 10-Classroom Modular School

Karmod's 10-Classroom Modular School is designed to meet the expansion and upgrade needs of educational institutions. With a spacious area of 816 m², this modular educational building supports any educational program thanks to its adaptable layouts. This affordable solution fits the budgets of schools and educational institutions without compromising quality. Karmod facilitates access to quality education for every child by offering high-quality and economical educational infrastructures.

Quick Installation for a Swift Start to Education: 10-Classroom Modular School

Karmod's 10-Classroom Modular Education Building stands out with its quick production and assembly features. Completed much faster than traditional construction processes, this modular school building is ideal for urgent educational needs. With the quick installation feature, schools and educational institutions can start the new academic season on time and without issues. Karmod's reliability and quality, proven with references in 135 countries, support your educational infrastructure projects.

Durable Materials for Long-lasting Educational Buildings

Karmod's 10-Classroom Modular School is notable for its durability and long-term usability. Manufactured with high-quality materials, this modular educational building offers superior durability against harsh climate conditions and heavy use. With energy efficiency and high insulation properties, educational institutions save on operational costs while providing a comfortable learning environment for students and teachers. As a reliable company, Karmod offers sustainable solutions in the education sector.

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