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Modular School Buildings 681 m²

  • Height 2,5 m
  • Depth 12,75 m
  • Width 53,44 m
  • M2 681 m²
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Modular construction technology is a popular concept used in the construction industry in recent years. Modular buildings are manufactured in a factory as modular and disassembled and assembled at the place of delivery. Modular schools are buildings with a modern design produced with prefabricated construction technology. It is produced in a factory environment with advanced technological methods and can be easily transported to the area to be built. Modular schools are relatively easy to set up compared to a school building built using traditional construction methods. With the increasing popularity of modular construction technology in recent years, the popularity of modular schools has also increased.

Schools of the Future

There are many reasons to prefer modular school buildings. First of all, its fast availability feature is one of the advantageous features for modular schools, as in all modular buildings. When a school building is urgently needed, modular schools are the most advantageous solution. An emergency school building is not always needed when the existing school is demolished or unusable. For example, modular school buildings are a very good solution for refugee camps and disaster shelters. Because in such cases, an urgent and temporary school building is needed. However, even for temporary purposes, modular buildings are quite durable and long-lasting. Temporary is the user's choice. School buildings, which are also resistant to adverse weather conditions, contain all the units that a standard school would need. Modular school are a sustainable building solution for expanding classrooms and colleges, designed to be incredibly energy efficient.

Best Modular Schools

Modular schools are also preferred in regions where it is difficult to construct a school building with traditional methods. Schools in these regions are used for temporary or permanent purposes. As Karmod, we manufacture constructing modular school buildings for every reason and need. We produce modular education buildings for rural areas where reinforced concrete structures are not preferred for many reasons. At the same time, a low-cost school is preferred for economic reasons. As Karmod, we produce the buildings of the future with a new generation system and expert teams. The use of prefabricated buildings is increasing day by day and now prefabricated buildings can be produced for all kinds of needs. From the new generation container system to the prefabricated panel system, all our buildings stand out with their long life, high insulation, fast and easy assembly features. The modular school buildings we have built can be used for many years without any problems.

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