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Türkan Şoray School

Porpuse Of Use School Building
Building Model Panel System Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Two-Storey Block
Total Area 697 m²
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 34 Days
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Türkan Şoray Primary School was renovated with a prefabricated building

Türkan Şoray Primary School, whose previous building was in Istanbul Sarıyer Rumelihisarı, was renovated with a prefabricated building. The prefabricated building system, which stands out with its long life and safe building model, is especially preferred for the renovation of school buildings in a short time. After the existing old building lost its safe use function, the reconstruction of the school came to the fore. In 2020, it was decided to construct the new building with a prefabricated building model. The prefabricated school building, which was started to be built in the spring of 2021, was put into service at the beginning of the 2021-2022 education period.

Prefabricated School with 13 classrooms delivered in 34 days

The prefabricated structure, which stands out with its safe and long-lasting building model, has been used extensively in educational buildings in recent years. The prefabricated school provides a great advantage with its fast production and construction processes, especially in closing the school and classroom gaps that are urgently needed. The 697 m² Türkan Şoray Primary School, which was built using the prefabricated building model in Rumelihisarı, was completed in 34 days. After the project approval, the pre-production process of the school building, which was put into production on modern lines at Karmod facilities, was completed in 3 days. A new generation prefabricated production technology consisting entirely of bolt-nut and plug-in system was used in production. The risks of traditional welding applications are left behind with the innovative system. The pre-production building was sent to the garden of the school in Sarıyer, where it will be installed. The school building, which was started to be assembled on the same day by Karmod teams, was completed in a short time like 34 days and put into the service of education.

Safe school buildings in national education standards

The innovative model of the prefabricated building system provides great convenience for the preparation of safe school buildings. Columns and beams that narrow the huge interior space in classical building models are left behind in this innovative prefabricated model. The interior space of prefabricated school buildings has maximum width, as the building structure security is provided with high-strength steel systems that take up very little space. Based on the same building quantities, prefabricated school buildings mean more classrooms than classical buildings. Considering the earthquake risks, the use of prefabricated school buildings is becoming widespread with their construction safety and fast installation. Türkan Şoray Primary School, with its 13 classrooms prepared in accordance with the standards of the Turkish Ministry of National Education, constitutes one of the good examples of projects in its field.

Türkan Soray Primary School

Special coatings were applied to provide extra insulation on the exterior of the Türkan Şoray Primary School building, which was built with the panel system prefabricated building model. Türkan Şoray Primary School has a total of 13 classrooms, 3 of them are kindergarten, in addition to 10 classrooms. In the school building, which is designed in a single-storey L plan, there are classrooms, principal and deputy principal rooms, teachers' room and rest room, library, system room and separate toilets for male and female students. There is also a memories corner belonging to Türkan Şoray, who gave the school its name. Türkan Şoray Primary School has started its educational activities in 2021-2022 with a capacity of 253 students.

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