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Muriel-Hurtis School Project - Bobigny, Paris, France

Porpuse Of Use Kindergarten and Primary School
Building Model New Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 1 Block/132 Units - 10 Classes
Total Area 1.900/4.950 m2 area (187 student capacity)
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Paris, France
Completion Time 47 Days
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We completed the 10-classroom Muriel-Hurtis School Project in Paris

We have added a new one to the schools we built with the new generation container model in France. The new project we realised in Paris has 10 classrooms and was named Muriel-Hurtis Kindergarten and Primary School.

Located 9 km from the centre of Paris, the school is located in Bobigny, the central city of the Seine-Saint-Denis region. With a capacity of 187 students, students started classes at Muriel-Hurtis School as of Monday, 26 April 2021. The opening of the school built by Bobigny Municipality to Karmod was realised by Christine Fave, Vice President of the Municipality in charge of buildings.

Students and parents gathered in the garden of the school at 08:20 on the opening day and were excited to see the new school building for the first time. Another exciting situation was that with the opening of the school, the first face-to-face education would take place after the Covid19 pandemic. Students who had to stay away from their friends for a long time were excited to meet again.

Colourful and fascinating visual painting of the container school

Muriel-Hurtis school building of France Office, built with Karmod new generation container model, was painted with eye-catching colours after the exterior cladding. Luca, one of the students of the new school, said that he found the new school "very beautiful with all these beautiful colours".

The main installation of the two-storey container school was completed in 47 days

In Muriel-Hurtis school building project designed by Karmod France Office, 132 container units produced with demountable system in Karmod's modern facilities were used. The installation of the 1.900 m2 two-storey container school, which was shipped to France by using road transport with disassembled package system logistics, has started. A team of 6 people specialised in container assembly took part in the main installation in an area of 4,950 m2 and the installation was completed in 47 working days.

After the building installation, other equipment of the container school was started according to the building standards of the French Ministry of Education. On the exterior, extra composite coating applications were made on the new generation container with highly insulated sandwich panels in terms of building aesthetics. The exterior facade was painted with attractive aesthetic colours after coating. With the extra coating application, the school building insulation was increased to an excellent level.

While the exterior coating continued, many applications such as heating and ventilation systems, data cabling, doors and windows, furniture placements were carried out inside the school. The Muriel-Hurtis Kindergarten and Primary School building, where the container model was used with all applications, was put into service for education in a total of 95 working days.

The layout of the two-storey Muriel-Hurtis school with 10 classrooms with a capacity of 187 students was as follows: On the ground floor there is a large reception at the entrance. Four classrooms, two recreation rooms, a basic skills activity room, a kindergarten class, a principal's office and a health room are the main areas on this floor. The ground floor also includes a 136 m2 dining hall, health intervention room, storage and technical room, laundry, reserved rooms for cleaning staff, heating room, wc shower and hygiene areas and lift area.

On the first floor of the prefabricated school building, there are six classrooms, a workshop activity room, a school library and wc shower hygiene areas.

Container school was named after Muriel Hurtis, France's icon in athletics

The school built by Karmod in Paris was named after Muriel Hurtis - Houairi, the symbol of France in athletics. Muriel Hurtis made a name for France in 2002 by winning gold medals in both the European Indoor Championships and the European Athletics Championships in the 200 metres. In 2003, she added the World Indoor Championship to her title. In the same year, he won the bronze medal at the World Athletics Championships and was part of the team that won the gold medal in the 4x100 metres relay.

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