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School Buildings 594 m²

  • Height 5,2 m
  • Depth 16,52 m
  • Width 17,67 m
  • M2 594 m²
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Karmod Prefabricated Technologies is a large family founded on ideals such as trustworthiness, environmentalism, mutual understanding, and productivity. We provide a wide range of efficient accommodation options for every type of activity and field, from construction cost-effective school buildings and construction site man-camps to prefabricated dining halls and security cabins. We have been building state-of-the-art lodging products and researching the latest technology this period has to offer to integrate in these housing solutions with our skilled design team and experienced research & development staff. As Karmod, we strive to retain the mutual respect we have with our clients and to continually enhance our level of service in order to keep our position as the industry's top prefab provider.

Karmod Portable School Buildings

As Karmod, we have always manufactured our products in line with our customers’ wishes. Our school buildings are also designed with the same principle. Karmod School Buildings are designed by our professional design team and built to offer a practical as well as sturdy education buildings that are very easy-to-install. Especially when a renovation project is in place and there is a need for temporary school buildings, Karmod Prefabricated School Buildings are the best option you can have. Offering fast-track, temporary and permanent prefab building solutions for nurseries, energy efficient modular schools, colleges and universities. For over thirty years, we have provided countless school buildings for many type of projects and successfully improved our school buildings further more by implementing latest technologies in them.

Highly-Efficient and Easy-to-Install Prefabricated School Buildings

One of the strong points of our modular school buildings is, their portability. After the manufacturing process of our prefabricated school buildings is done, they are packed to sent to the installation site. After that, our prefabricated school buildings are sent to the desired location via sea-way transportation systems. With professional Karmod staff already present at the location, our prefabricated school buildings are then installed on site without usage of any kind of power tools or heavy machinery. Despite all this, they also require the minimum workforce to be fully erected as our staff present at the location will be enough for the full installation of the building. During the installation process, Karmod Prefab School Buildings produce zero waste and do not cause any kind of disturbance around the area as no power tools or machinery is used. For more information about our school buildings, please contact us.

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