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Modular Classroom Buildings 289 m²

  • Height 2,5 m
  • Depth 13,95 m
  • Width 20,18 m
  • M2 289 m²
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With collective experience and sheer will to satisfy our customers, we have established a wide category of practical accommodation solutions that made great contributions in the realization of many projects or operations of any size. For over 30 years, as Karmod, we have researched and implemented the newest technologies that this era has to offer in our products and successfully climbed our way at the top of the industry. Not only that, we also constantly work hard to improve our way of service and widen our already rich category of products. We attach great importance to the mutual respect we have between our customers and always design our products in-line with their needs.

Practical Education Structures

Modularity of education buildings actually very beneficial compared to popular belief. Modular classroom buildings stand out with their portability and high-quality. Contrary to popular belief, they are actually sturdier than traditionally made buildings. Modular classroom buildings provide extra learning space for your school, our modular classrooms create inspirational learning environments. Karmod Modular Classrooms are designed to provide the ideal education environment for any level. Our modular classroom buildings are also the ideal solution for your temporary classroom needs. They are manufactured, delivered and installed very quickly compared to traditionally made buildings. For a very long time, we have provided countless modular classroom buildings across the globe. Especially if a renovation project is at hand, Karmod Modular Classroom Buildings are the best practical classroom solution you can have that is available in the market today.

Safe and Solid Portable Modular Classroom Buildings

The mobility of our modular school buildings is one of their strongest features. Our modular school buildings are packed and shipped to the installation site when the production phase is terminated. Then, via coastal methods of transportation, our modular school buildings are delivered to the designated area. Our buildings for education are then built on site without the use of any power tools or heavy equipment, thanks to the presence of skilled Karmod workers. Despite this, they only require a minimum workforce to be fully constructed, since our crew present at the site will be sufficient for the building's entire installation. Karmod Prefab School Buildings create no trash and cause no disruption to the surrounding environment during the installation process because no power tools or machinery are utilized. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning our school buildings.

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