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2-Person Office with Kitchen

  • Capacity 4
  • Lenght 10.140 m
  • Width 7.730 m
  • Height 2.500 m
  • Total Square Meter 66 m²
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Comfort and Efficiency Together: Karmod's 2-Person Office with Kitchen

Karmod combines comfort and efficiency with its 66 m² 2-Person Prefabricated Office with Kitchen, designed to meet the needs of modern working life. This stylish and modular office is thoughtfully designed to include everything you need, offering a kitchen area in addition to workspaces. This feature provides great convenience for professionals working long hours in the office. With high insulation and energy efficiency features, this prefabricated office not only allows you to quickly set up your workspace but also reduces your operating costs. Karmod simplifies your work life with affordable and high-quality solutions.

Your Workspace Ready with Quick Installation: Guaranteed by Karmod

Karmod's 2-Person Office with Kitchen offers an immediate solution to your urgent office needs with its fast production and assembly process. This 66 m² modular structure can be quickly prepared and easily assembled. Known as a reliable company, Karmod reinforces its industry leadership with references in 135 countries worldwide. This prefabricated office is an ideal choice when you want to rapidly expand your business or meet your mobile office needs. Karmod ensures the timely and budget-friendly completion of your projects with the use of high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

A Stylish Touch to Your Work Environment: Karmod's Office Solution with Kitchen

Karmod's 2-Person Prefabricated Office with Kitchen adds a stylish touch to your work environment with its modern design and functional features. This 66 m² office provides not only a workspace but also all the comforts employees may need throughout the day. The kitchen section enhances employee satisfaction by offering the possibility to prepare healthy and practical meal options during the day. Combining aesthetics and functionality, Karmod presents an ideal solution for your workplace. As the most preferred brand, Karmod's prefabricated offices add value to your business image and maximize your employees' productivity.

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