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ETSE Meat Integrated Facilities Plant Management Office Building

Porpuse Of Use Factory Administrative Building
Building Model New Generation Sandwich Panel Container
Number Of Buildings 1 Block Two-Storey
Total Area 576 m2 (18 Units 4x8 Containers) - 60 Persons
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Yalova, Turkey
Completion Time 10 Gün
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We built the factory offices for the meat products supplier of Chain Markets

We built the factory offices for the meat products supplier of Turkey's leading Chain Markets.

Since 1986, we continue to manufacture and construct office buildings for different sectors with our expertise in prefabricated buildings.  We built a factory office building for ETSE Et, one of the strongest brands in meat and processed meat producers in our country.  The office building serves as the plant management building at the company's Integrated Facilities located in Yalova.  The building complex, built with Karmod’s new generation type/model container, has a closed area of 576 m2.

The first container office project produced with 4x8 units

The ETSE office project stands out as the first office project built by combining 4x8 container units.  A total of 18 container units were produced for the project.  It was decided by the Karmod project office to use 4x8 units for the building, which was shaped according to customer expectations.  After the customer’s project approval, the line production of the structures, which were put into production in Karmod's modern facilities, were completed in 3 days.  In structures where the new generation container production system is used, applications such as welding are left behind- back in old days.  The connections in the building model are realized with the use of bolts-nuts and a use of plug-in (snap-on/clinch) system.  A sandwich panel system is entirely used in the walls and the roof system of the new generation container.  Reaching an excellent insulation value with a roof thickness of 125 mm, the container office minimizes energy expenditures.  With its help on the climate control, as well, it brings significant savings to the budgets.

The container units, whose production was completed at the factory, were dispatched on the same day.  When the delivery vehicle reached the installation site in Yalova, Karmod's professional installation & assembly team was also planned and readily available there.  As the units were unloaded from the transportation vehicle, sequentially erection, preassembly, installation,…etc  were started with the help of a mobile crane(s) and other equipment.  With the combination of 4x8 container units, the factory office building of 576 m2 was completed in just 10 days, commissioned and made readily available to the company's personnel.

Modern container office building with open all-round (360˚) view

Modern office building, which was produced with Karmod's expertise and installed on-site, a working environment that stands out with its ergonomic comfort was prepared for the plant’s administrative staff.  The office plan differs from the classical plans in terms of visual comfort of use.  The building is planned almost like a stadium while the entire working area overlooks the garden located inside as well as outside.  The utilization impressions we get from the employees are quite positive.  The staff working in different areas have comfortable working areas overlooking both, outside and inside, the garden.  Since the working areas are supported by glass wall blocks, the maximum possible light out there has been brought into interior efficiently.  There are areas such as a large entrance hall, a production manager room, production planning department rooms, finance department rooms, executive rooms, a meeting room, a kitchen, and a prayer room in the building.

ETS Et stands out with its raw red meat processing and packaging lines.  The company carries out custom (made-to-order) production of meat products for Turkey's leading chain markets.  Among the red meat products are sausages, doner kebabs and meatballs.

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