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Site Accommodation & Ofiice Buildings 136 m²

  • Height 2,5 m
  • Depth 8,99 m
  • Width 15,16 m
  • M2 136 m²
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With Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, the highest quality practical accommodation solutions are just a click away! For over 35 years, we have been developing new prefabricated structures and modular buildings that are innovative and practical. We know the hardships of finding an ideal accommodation solution that is both durable and practical for a project or an operation so with our teams of experts, we design our products in line with our customers’ requests. As Karmod, we value quality above all else and continuously research new technologies to implement in all of our products thanks to our professional research and development team.

Best Office Solutions for Construction Sites

As Karmod, we have contributed in the realization of many projects and operations. From mining to construction projects, our site office accommodation services are fit for any condition. Karmod modular site office accommodation building are used as temporary shelters after natural disasters. They are designed using high-quality materials that make them the most reliable and sustainable construction site accommodation and site offices available in the market today. Karmod site office accommodation solutions are also insulated, making it ideal for your construction site and allow you to save crucial project funds thus lightening your burden. We know the hardships of maintaining a project of any size, that is why we design our products in line with our customers by emphatizing with them. We have the utmost respect for our clients and want to maintain this mutual relationship by constantly improving our way of service as well as our products.

Reliable Site Office Accommodation Services

The importance of site office accommodations should not be taken lightly, as an office environment is a crucial asset for both management and workers. To maintain the project in a professional manner, a relaxing site office accommodation is essential for the health of the project. That is why, we design our products to be reliable, sustainable, durable, configurable, affordable and portable. Meaning, they are built to last for a lifetime and cause near to none malfunctions during their operation, they are made with highest-quality materials to be able to endure harsh weather conditions and construction site environment, they can be customized on demand before the delivery, they can be placed from one place to another with ease without requiring any kind of power tools or heavy equipment to be replaced or installed and still be considerably more affordable than traditionally made buildings and other site office accommodation services available in the market today. For more information about our site office accommodation services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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