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Nature House Project - Switzerland

Porpuse Of Use Individual Housing
Building Model Next Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 1
Total Area 36 m²
Project Year 2018
Region To Be Used Switzerland
Completion Time 11 Days
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Container House for nature housing concepts in Switzerland

With this special project, a good example of what kind of designs can be made in the house with the new generation container model has been presented. Karmod’s new generation container modern concept has a feature that facilitates different coating applications. This feature makes it possible to realize the dreams of different applications in modern housing designs.

Container house application for living in nature house

Karmod 's new generation container, a good example was brought to the nature house concept. The construction of the house basically started with the production of two separate container units. Two separate container units, one 3x7 and the other 3x5 meters in size were produced in the project. The units, which were placed side by side in the field, were placed in L-plan. While a cute house with a size of 36 square meters emerged, the applications that made this container different were realized after this stage. A high-insulated sandwich panel system with a thickness of 5 cm was used as a standard on the walls of the building. The container house was shaped in a natural look by applying plasterboard from the inside and wood coating from the outside. The interior part was plastered after the plate applications and painted with a color suitable for the customer's preference. With the wood-clad exterior, the structure has been elevated far beyond a standard house. The house, which was built in a region close to the Swiss Alps, gained a view that is fully compatible with the concept of nature in greenery.

New Generation Container gains with home air conditioning performance

Karmod new generation container houses are manufactured using a sandwich panel system from wall to roof. The thickness of 50 mm on the wall reaches 125 mm on the roof. While this thickness raises the insulation to the best level, the best strength is achieved in terms of snow load. The best insulation level is achieved with the filling of rock wool material between the specially painted steel sheet plates used between the panels. With this material, fire risks are also secured extra.

Warm container house environment in sub-zero climate

Especially in the mountainous areas of Switzerland, winters are very harsh. The average temperature in winter is below zero. In summer, even on flat plains, the temperature can barely reach 25 degrees. In the late summer months, this temperature drops from one to 10 degrees. Summer nights are therefore quite cool. The Karmod container house, which has a completely sandwich panel system, prepares warm homes even in the coldest climates. The air-conditioning of the building is easily accomplished by operating air conditioner-like devices at the lowest settings in areas with electricity. It creates the best solution for stove heating in usage areas without electrical energy. With the advantage of the sandwich panel insulated system, the interior of the building maintains its coolness in summer. Life in a container house turns into happiness in summer and winter.

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