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Container Pandemic House Project

Porpuse Of Use Individual Housing
Building Model Next Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 1
Total Area 21 m²
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Eskisehir – Turkey
Completion Time 1 Day
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Container House for healthy life

This project, which was carried out during the days when the corona virus epidemic threatened human health the most, turned the new generation container house into a safe harbor. The covid19 epidemic, which affected the whole world as of March 2020, caused fear in all of us. The virus, which spread rapidly from person to person through close contact, caused some important measures to be taken. In the first stage, mask distance rules started to be applied. International flights have been completely suspended. Restrictions were imposed on inter-city visits within the same country. In certain periods, home quarantine was implemented. On the one hand, these measures taken against health risks, on the other hand, caused psychological traumas in people. The uneasiness of not being able to leave the house and not being able to go anywhere without restrictions almost suffocated people. Searches began to get rid of the suffocating environment. In this environment, the new generation container model, produced with the concept of ready-to-use, was the solution that relieved people who were overwhelmed.

Comfort in the container house pandemic period

Karmod container house has become the most preferred housing model during the pandemic period. The ready-to-use production concept of the housing model provided great convenience to those who want to own a house in a short time. Many citizens who prefer the container house model have left behind the pandemic restrictions with their new homes they have placed in places such as gardens and plateaus far from city centers. They have protected both themselves and their families from the risk of covid19 virus. At the same time, they were able to do their daily activities comfortably without any restrictions. Activities away from restrictions in an environment surrounded by nature outside the home became a morale booster for them. The plateau house process in the pandemic process has turned into a passion for them. With the removal of restrictions, new container houses have become a part of their lives. In the new era, the environment intertwined with nature in the container house has become their most preferred lifestyle.

A sweet escape towards nature from the center of Eskişehir in the pandemic

The basic idea of the house built under this project was the escape from the restrictions of the pandemic. Our customer, who has been living in Eskişehir for many years, starts a new search with the start of the pandemic restrictions. For this, the inherited vineyard land leads to the formation of an important idea. Our customer, contacting Karmod Bursa sales office, receives information about the properties of container houses. He gets in his car and wants to see the container house up close in his Bursa office. Our customer, who is amazed by the build quality and insulation performance, places an order to fulfill his dream of a safe new home. After the order, the production of the house is completed in Karmod 's modern facilities in as little as one week. When the production is completed, the container house loaded on the crane truck sets off for Eskişehir. The container house, which is unloaded from the vehicle and placed in the area prepared by our customer, is made ready for the session on the same day. Highland life has turned into a passion for our customer, who left the pandemic restrictions behind with his new home as of 2021 . Today, he spends most of the year with his family in this new home. It uses a stove for heating. He only uses wood from the surrounding dry trees for the beautiful stove he installed in the container house . Meals cooked on a wood-fired stove, pastries and pies turn life in a container house into a separate attraction.

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