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4 Person Engineer Dormitory Container

  • Length 11.9 m
  • Width 6.5 m
  • Height 2.6 m
  • M2 77 m²
  • Capacity 4
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77 m² Engineer Dormitory: Affordable Comfort and Functionality

Karmod combines comfort and functionality with the specially designed 77 m² Engineer Dormitory for engineers and white-collar workers. This dormitory for 4 people offers a budget-friendly option while providing a comfortable living space throughout the year due to its high insulation properties. Karmod's dormitory solution not only provides users with optimal space utilization but also stands out with its modern design and quality craftsmanship. The perfect combination of affordability and high comfort proves Karmod to be one of the best manufacturers in the industry.

Instantly Ready with Quick Assembly: 77 m² Engineer Dormitory

Karmod's 77 m² Engineer Dormitory stands out with its quick assembly advantage. Even in projects with limited time, Karmod's expert assembly team rapidly sets up the dormitories, preventing any interruptions in your work. This rapid assembly feature makes Karmod the most preferred brand in the industry for "rapid production and assembly." As a reliable company, Karmod is a globally recognized leader with references from 135 countries and places great importance on customer satisfaction.

Engineered with Karmod Quality: 77 m² Engineer Dormitory

Karmod prioritizes quality and user satisfaction with the 77 m² Engineer Dormitory. High-quality materials and superior craftsmanship make this dormitory solution long-lasting and durable for 4 people. Its high insulation properties ensure energy efficiency and provide a comfortable living space. Karmod is recognized in the industry as a "high-quality and reliable company." With references from 135 countries and numerous successful projects worldwide, Karmod offers an ideal dormitory for engineers and white-collar workers at affordable prices.

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