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600-person Goldmine Worker Camp – Gine

Porpuse Of Use Worker Camp Campus
Building Model Container
Number Of Buildings 140 Units
Total Area 2.100 m²
Project Year 2017
Region To Be Used Guinea
Completion Time 80 days
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We installed mining worker camp building at one of West Africa countries Gine with Karmod new generation container model. The camp that will be used by technical office and workers working in gold mining is 600-person capacity. Demounted and fully demounted containers consisting of 150 units in total were used at this Gine camp project. Alongside the 230x595 standard demounted container, Karmod can deliver from 3x7 meters to 4x12 meters fully demounted container units at international transportation standards. There are living areas like work offices, labs, dormitory and dining hall at the camp buildings whose installation was completed in 80 days on site and delivered ready for use.

New Generation Container Construction Site Buildings are the choice of Mining Camps

Mine areas become prominent with tough working conditions as you know. Life is very hard in these areas that are mostly remote from the city centers.  According to the location where the camp is placed, dust and mud get mixed together in mining areas with climatic effects such as desert heat, snow, storm, heavy rain. For this reason, prefer of construction site mobilization building  that will be installed to tough minining areas, is very important.

 As Karmod, we produce special buildings for tough mining areas with our new generation container construction site buildings we produce with our expertise and experience in the sector since 1986. Main features of our new generation construction site container buildings are long-life at maximum durability, usage ergonomics and comfort for various climatic conditions at tough areas.

Our construction site mobilization buildings that make you feel the container house comfort with the reflection of our expertise, are produced with click-fit and bolted union without using any welding at their production.

 Our container construction site buildings have the unique insulation superiority with usage of sandwich panel from walls to roof. High density galvanized coated stainless steel and the longest lasting painting technology preferred in the automotive industry were used for their metal parts. With the double-glazed pvc system preferred in window system and double-sided metal-coated special panel door system that provides full closing, insulation has been raised to the highest level. Interior of our construction site container buildings are designed in accordance with international accommodation and occupational health standards and livign areas were prepared in the most comfortable way at the units of maximum width for manager, engineer, technical team and other workers. 

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