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40 Person Engineer Dormitory Container

  • Lenght 46 m
  • Width 13.8 m
  • Height 5.2 m
  • M2 1.344 m²
  • Capacity 40
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1344 sqm Engineering Dormitory: Where Spaciousness Meets Comfort

Karmod takes a leading role in the industry with its solutions for large-scale projects. Offering a white-collar dormitory for 40 with a spacious area of 1344 sqm, Karmod provides engineers and professionals with a comfortable and functional living space. This extensive dormitory is designed with optimal use and space efficiency in mind. Thanks to its high insulation properties, it offers energy savings and provides a comfortable environment throughout all four seasons. For those seeking an affordable and quality option, Karmod is the preferred brand in the industry.

Bring It to Life with Quick Assembly: 1344 sqm Engineering Dormitory

Time is the most precious resource, especially in large projects. Karmod's 1344 sqm Engineering Dormitory saves significant time in your projects with the advantage of quick assembly. Our expert assembly teams work efficiently and to high standards, making your dormitory ready for use in a short time. This practicality makes Karmod one of the most preferred brands in the industry for "fast production and assembly." As a global leader with references from 135 countries, Karmod has proven itself in reliable and timely delivery.

40-Person Engineering Dormitory Designed with Karmod Quality

With its 1344 sqm Engineering Dormitory, Karmod not only provides a spacious area but also promises a quality and durable living space. High-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship make this dormitory durable for many years. High insulation properties ensure energy efficiency, offering a comfortable interior for all seasons. Recognized in the industry as a "high-quality and reliable company," Karmod, with references from 135 countries, continues to add value to your projects while prioritizing customer satisfaction.

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