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208 Person Worker Dormitory Container

  • Lenght 34.5 m
  • Width 13.8 m
  • Height 5.2 m
  • M2 958 m²
  • Capacity 208
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958 m² Container Dormitory: Worker Satisfaction with a Comprehensive Accommodation Solution

Karmod is redefining industry standards for large teams working on big projects with its 958 m² Worker Dormitory Container, offering accommodation for up to 208 people. This container dormitory provides workers with the comfort of home while offering managers a practical and economical housing solution. Its high insulation properties ensure energy efficiency and suitable living conditions for all seasons, meeting workers’ needs for rest and rejuvenation.

Time and Cost Savings: Quick Installation of the 958 m² Worker Dormitory

Karmod's 958 m² Worker Dormitory offers significant time and cost advantages to project developers with its fast installation process. Experienced installation teams quickly and efficiently set up this large-scale dormitory solution, ensuring rapid progress of projects. As the most preferred brand in the industry for "fast production and assembly," Karmod is globally recognized for its reliable and effective solutions, with references from 135 countries.

208-Person Worker Dormitory with Karmod Quality: Long-Term Comfort and Durability

Karmod not only provides a spacious housing area with its 208-person worker dormitory but also prioritizes quality and durability. Manufactured using high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, this 958 m² container dormitory ensures long-term use and maximum durability. Its high insulation properties offer a comfortable living environment for all seasons. As a "high-quality and reliable company," Karmod continues its leadership in the industry, creating ideal living spaces for large work teams, supported by references from 135 countries.

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