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Modular Kiosk 270 x 750

  • Height 2,4 m
  • Depth 2,7 m
  • Width 7,5 m
  • Weight 1.300 kg
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Karmod Prefab Mobile Caravans

Mobile prefab caravans are a prefabricated building technology that is factory-made and built on a permanently attached unit before being transported. It can be produced in the factory environment and transported to the desired location. Of course, the meaning of the word mobile caravan derives from the fact that the houses are portable. However, being portable does not mean that prefabricated mobile caravans are temporary. The main reason for the emphasis on portability is that traditional caravans are not portable. In addition, traditional buildings are designed by determining a specific location and are built there. In other words, the location of the house built is as effective as the location of the construction site.

Best Quality Prefab Mobile Caravans

Prefabricated mobile caravans can be moved from the factory to the place where they will be assembled, or they can be moved from the place where they are installed to another place. When these homes are used for permanent purposes, vacation or temporary residence, they are usually left in one place, permanently or semi-permanently. Our portable fiberglass prefab mobile caravans are used not only as site offices in labor camps but also widely used as prefab cabins. Prefabricated mobile caravans are generally preferred in labor camps. Domestic use is not common. It can also be used for permanent purposes when built as a house. However, sometimes they may need to be moved to another location due to legal obligations. Legal requirements are less inclusive than traditional homes. In other words, mobile caravans, which are a modern solution as well as flexible in structure, are also flexible in terms of usability. People who could not afford a traditional house built on-site, or who did not want to spend large sums on housing even though they had the means, began to see factory-built houses as a viable alternative.

Karmod Prefab Mobile Caravans

Karmod prefab mobile caravans build long-lasting and quality structures in accordance with changing trends. You can use caravans for any purpose according to your needs. Thanks to its durable structure, it can be used for much longer periods than traditional structures. Prefab mobile caravans, which are resistant to adverse weather conditions, have an advanced insulation system. You can use it for temporary or permanent purposes according to your needs. You can contact us to have houses in the design you want for temporary or permanent purposes.

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